We're halfway through our road trip through several of the Powder Alliance resorts.

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Most scholarly ski road trip ever

We just finished up skiing at Timberline and Mount Hood Ski Bowl (reviews will be posted tomorrow). In the morning we leave for the 11 hour drive to Tahoe so it seemed appropriate to recap our trip so far, by the numbers.

At this point we've traveled somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 miles, and although Roxane's "Check Engine" light has started blinking alarmingly on a few hills, everything still seems to be running smoothly. The roof box is overflowing with skis and poles and the back is stuffed to the point of explosion.

So far the trip by the numbers:

Times we have almost died: 25.7

Amount spent on food in Govy: $19434.65

Times we have been politely asked to leave areas we were not supposed to be in: 3

Offensive shirts purchased at truck stops: 0

Elk we have almost hit: 10

Times we have eaten our own food in "non-brown bag areas": 3

Number of sausages dropped in the snowbank: 1

Hotel Bathrooms defiled: 2

Times I have almost gotten us lost: 18

Hotel spa heaters broken: 1

Asians fit into one hotel room: 79

Pools we didn't have to poach: 2

Gas warfare level farts: 4

Injuries: 2

Creative use of the works "moist" and "dank": 45

Dogs Caleb has petted: 6

Gaper children crashed into by Cy: 1

Girls met: 0

Things Ian has forgotten: Jacket, gloves, phone, wallet

Failed Newschoolers shoutouts: 1 (it was really awkward)

Really stoked NS guys: 5

Microwave meals consumed: 15

Washed clothes: 0

Consecutive days in the same socks: 5

Books finished: Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, Unbroken

Children scared by Caleb's mustache: untraceable

Awkward innuendos: 18

Times we've wondered how much Bishop talked us up: 54

Lodge living

Appropriate footwear

Stay tuned, tomorrow things get interesting as we head down to Tahoe, pray Roxane makes it, otherwise we might have to start a Kickstarter campaign from the side of the road somewhere in Nevada