To me there is one thing on Newschoolers that will never get old

NS radio...

unlike any other portion (depsite the threads) it is always changing and you can expect that it will be changing. I really love how its music that I really dont have on my computer so it is really enjoyable to listen to. Also i love how it is always on and typically has a good connection. Overall NS radio is really good and I wish i could download every song from it. Right now I have been listening to it for prolly 1 hour and 1/2 ...I havent once wanted to change the music.

When it comes time when you haev wathced all the new videos, which for me is very often, NS radio is the next hting that I put on when i am browsing newschoolers. It just makes my time on here so much more enjoyable and it definetly influences my posts and how i am feeling at the time.

Like right nwo I am feeling really relaxed thanks to NS radio, it is really nice to listen to because the music is so unnatural to me...


THANK YOU Google Images: