Hey all,

For those who didn't know, there's a new sister contest to the Photo/Art contests in Media and Arts - the NS Video Contest! Round One was a big success, and now Round Two is up.


Topic: Fall

Sticking with the theme of seasons, this rendition of the contest is about fall. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been watching the leaves change colors here, and I think it leads us well in the direction of winter. The object of this contest is to portray fall. You can do this in any number of ways – leaves, school settings, apple picking – things that represent and signify fall for you. However, I’m going to ask you to once again avoid anything skiing. There will be contests based on skiing later. I’m really excited to see these, as I think you all have a lot of potential and good material to submit. As for me, fall is my favorite season to shoot, so I’m considering throwing something together myself…


1) No footage pulling! You must shoot/edit all new stuff!

2) Videos must be uploaded to http://www.vimeo.com

3) Time limit: 1 minute (we'll be a little stricter this time).

4) Must abide by the theme. If it clearly doesn't, it will be disqualified.

5) Only one submission per member, please.

6) Like mentioned above, no skiing.

The contest will run from now,9/30/2010 until 10/14/2010. After that, the submissions will be voted on by the general NS public for ONE WEEK and the 5 top videos will move on. After that, 4 judges – myself and three "celebrity" judges - will critique the videos to provide the finalists with meaningful and one-on-one feedback on their work. In the meantime, they will vote on those five videos and come up with a winner.

GO SHOOT! GET INVOLVED! I have some awesome judges lined up for this round, so get out there and enjoy fall and shoot some video! Woo! Any questions you can shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to help you out.

On a totally different note, Suburban Sports in Berlin, CT recently held their annual rail jam in coordination with Ski Sundown. The event was a huge success, and many looked on as the riders slayed, kids tried out the electric bike, and raffle tickets were purchased by the arm length. At the end of the jam session, the Meatheads premiered their new movie, Work It Out, in the theater behind the shop. All in all it was a great day in the sun (my new awkward sunburn attests to this).

Pics and video to come - I got a TON of footage of Suburban Sports riders Luke Hagearty and Jake Glass, who came up from PA for the day. Also in attendance were Bruce (the Goose) Sandstrom, Emil Atz (my younger brother, who added 360 switchups to his bag of tricks) and many other stoked skiers and riders.

Shout out to Peter and Suburban Sports, Jarrod Moss and Jeff from Ski Sundown, and the Meatheads - it was an awesome day (with the exception of a flat tire on the way there)! Be easy NS, look out for pics/video soon!