Hey guys! Hope you've been enjoying the NS store as much as I've been enjoying running it. I've been super busy lately managing the budget, designing and ordering new products, producing TONS of stickers, packing and shipping every order along with writing articles and managing the online store. So yeah, as you can see I've been really busy!Luckily for me I'll be taking a short vacation in a couple weeks, as I'll be spending some time in Whistler skiing Camp of Champions with the NS dream team. Unfortunately this means that the store will have to be shut down during this time, as I won't be able to fulfill any orders while I'm out in Whistler and I don't think it would be fair to have to make you guys wait over a month for you to get what you purchased. But since I love you guys so much and don't want to be the bearer of bad news, I decided to put all the t-shirts and scarves on sale at 50% off! Not only that, but we will be offering three new types of deluxe sticker packs:The Bling Pack

The Glitter Pack
The Confetti Pack
The store sale will begin on June 9th and last until midnight on June 11th. Unfortunately since I will need to take around 10,000 stickers out to Whistler, there will not be any big dick packs available, just the standard and deluxe packs. The good news however is that I will be selling all our leftover inventory (t-shirts, scarves, stickers) at our condo in Whistler at EXTREMLY low prices. So if you are in the neighborhood, you definitely need to drop by to say hi and pick up some dope NS swag. Along with selling the old stock in Whistler, we will also be selling some limited edition NS tall tees. Peep the concept and info here:Sizes will be 3xl-6xlThey will be extremely high quality tees100 are being produced25 will be given away in Whistler to coaches and staff10 will be on sale as a pre-order in the NS storeThe rest will be sold at the NS condo in WhistlerThe price will be 45$ a shirt
I am also doing my best to get some NS bandanas produced before I leave to Whistler, so that we could have a ton to give away to campers, coaches and staff. The current concept looks something like this:
That's it for now folks! Check back on Monday morning for more news about the NS dream team in Whistler and the start of the sale, along with info on a custom NS sticker worth $2000...