It's 2003, the inaugural year of SuperUnknown, and a young Canadian by the name of Corey Vanular burst onto the freeskiing scene with his jaw-dropping entry that earned him a chance to film with Level 1. C-Van continued to blow minds for the next 8 seasons (Long Story Short anyone?) until injuries began to plague his career, putting any filming or competitions on the backburner.

Fast forward a few years, Corey decided to spend some time up at the Momentum summer camp as a coach and mentor to many of the younger shredders and shows us that he hasn't lost a step. C-Van still has his deep bag of tricks which is complimented by one of the illest styles in the game. The question is, will we ever see another Level 1 segment out of Vanular? One can only hope. Until Level 1 does a reunion segment, you'll just have to keep his throwback edits on repeat.