Oh nostalgia, how we love thee.

For the following weeks, I will be bringing you the best throwback content NS has to offer, whether that is in video, photo, forum, or GIF form. If it's a classic piece of NS history it will be in here. (Don't forget to nominate your favorite #TBT photo or video in the comments to be included for next week!)

Let's go back, to the future....

Jessie Hall going HUGE with a superman over good ole Chad's Gap. (Before ski patrol blew it up) (Credit:Wallar) Circa: 2010

Henrik and Oscar Scherlin use the buddy system at Nine Knights. (Credit: eastcoastspinna) Circa: 2008

What a Schmuck. (Credit: jca) Circa: 2001

S.I.P. Shane. (Credit: MANDER) Circa: 2009

Urban Bombs. (Credit: NL) Circa: ?

Now we enter an era where Brogan still skied(Lip on Blind 2 is all you need), Tom just started blowing up on the internet, lips onto rails weren't needed and ClownSchool ruled Park City with their incredible shenanigans.


FUCK! (Credit: Clownschool) Circa: 2009


The BAD edit (Credit: Junction 133) Circa: 2009


Tom Wallisch Superunknown (Credit: 4bi9 Media) Circa: 2007

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqdKCCOxy6kReal OG shit right here, watch and learn. (Credit: Mousseau) Circa: 2006

See you next week!