Jon Olsson; a pioneer, innovator, and one fine piece of man candy.

The chick on the right is ok I guess but who's the hottie on the left?

Our very own "Republic of NS" was represented in a big way back in 2010. Thanks Gus, LJ, & Matt!

Jon is the mastermind behind the Jon Olsson Invitational, one of the premiere big air events in Europe that has been taking place for the past decade in Åre, Sweden. . He also gave us the wonderful world of JOSS, a video contest consisting of teams from various nations whose goal was to make the best edit in a week's time to showcase their talent and creativity. Whether that was Team America's dynamic duo of Tom Wallisch and Simon Dumont murdering the streets of Åre or the boys from Sweden showing off their progressive style, JOSS never ceased to amaze us. 2012, what a year. It was a year filled with tragedies and this was the worst of them all, JOSS would not be coming back.


Consider this a personal callout because the Newschoolers community as a whole wants, no, needs JOSS. Jon be the gentleman that you are and bring JOSS back into our lives.