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Sorry about the delay with this interview but its finally here and its i8van this time around! I hope you guys enjoy this because you'll be seeing more of i8van this fall and hopefully I'll have the new installment of these interviews out in a shorter time frame then this one!

- Ryan


Ryno - To start off Ivan, can you give the people on the site who don't know you a quick rundown of who you are and what you're up to these days?

I8van - My name is Ivan and i made my name on this site with the help of my skills in graphic design, illustration and all other sorts of creative shinanigans. I have done a whole bunch of design work in the ski industry, from t-shirt designs for EC Headwear when it just started and logos for small wanna-be production companies to NS advertisement and apparel and Rossignol CreateIT V.2 skis.

I8van’s winning Create It V2 skis

Ryno - Its one thing to get your designs on a t-shirt or perhaps some advertising, but a limited edition ski produced by a major manufacturer, that must have stoked you to no end huh? How long did it take you to come up with that winning design and how did that whole experience help your design game?

I8van - Ya man, it was pretty damn cool to get such recognition. Definitely boosted my confidence and scored me some clients/job in a design firm ;) Too bad rossi cancelled the whole production of Create IT V.2 line.

It too me a while to come up with the design, as i went through like 20 concepts and made a whole bunch of improvements on the onse i entered a year before. I guess a couple months would be safe to say. I remember thats all i did in one of my highschool classes - drew skis, when i was supposed to build a table or something. I got bitched at all the time by the teacher hahaha. PS. Thanks NS for voting, you guys rock ;)

Ryno - I never heard about Rossi cancelling production of those skis. Do you know what happened there?

I8van - Nope, no idea. Never got a solid answer or explanation.

Ryno - Thats shifty business if you ask me...whatever though because you got your name out there because of it and that’s gotten you some design work within the industry in recent years. What sorts of things have you worked on (ski related) since the Create-it contest?

I8van - Oh man, its hard to remember every single work i've done... there were so many of them: big and small. I've done some stuff for Aeryx, EC, Newschoolers, Abberant, i8van of course hahaha. And im doing a whole bunch of stuff for ninthward

Ryno - Skis or clothing this time?

I8van - You are just gonna have to wait and see :P

Ryno - Fair enough... What else are you up to these days?

I8van - uhh, not a whole lot... just working in a design firm called pressure.org and doing some personal client work. Of course partying every weekend and enjoying the rest of the summer and therefore the rest of the patio season.

Some of i8van’s recent design work

Poppin’ bottles!

Ryno – Whats the deal with pressure.org?

I8van - well today is actually my last day at the firm, since my school schedule doenst allow me to work even 2 days here. I sure hope to come back in 2nd semester, but we'll see if they take me back

Ryno - So your heading back to school in the fall?

I8van - Ya, going into my 2nd year...

Ryno – Right on, I gotta ask about i8van streetwear too because I know people have been asking… Can we expect anything new this upcoming season from you?

I8van - naw man, nothing atall.

Ryno - Putting it on hold or is it done for good?

I8van - dont really know yet. I have been busy with school, 2 jobs and side freelance projects that i dont really have time to think about clothing. And to be honest i dont like the "i8van" brand/name/logo atall, so if i were to start making stuff again, i'd rebrand the whole damn thing.

Ryno -Another venture for another time then huh? Just out of curiosity though, what sort of image would you go for with a clothing line down the road?

I8van - I think i'd be leaning toward more dressy styles and go away from the ghetto gangster look

i8van’s design for the NS Movie Cover

Rapid Fire


Ski Gabber or Non Ski Gabber? Ski Gabber

Favorite ski movie? IDEA

Favorite upcoming ski movie trailer? Journal

Favorite beer? Richards Red

Passion outside of skiing? MMA, Graphic Design

Whats in your cd/mp3 player? Dirty house beats

Reading anything right now? Textbooks

Pet peeves? none

Afterbang, yay or nay? / hell yea

Dream vacation spot? New Zealand, Greece

Other hobbies? MMA, drawing, soccer, going out, bottles and models ;)

Ryno - Aight cool man, thanks for taking the time to talk with me and here's to hoping for a sweet winter in Onterrible! :P Any shoutouts?

i8van - all the kids that shred with me at mslm mike, max, hollywood harris, sandy, jamieson(next superunknown), raftis, timmy, isaac and the rest and everyone across the world who supported me and clients who trusted their brands in my hands.


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