Icon is Jossi Wells and Torin Yater-Wallace from their upcoming Deviate project shot by Daniel Ronnback, stolen from @deviate.film.

I've never been great at skiing. Maybe good? But definitely not great. At least not great enough to have the boys always eager to point the camera at me. Maybe I had a small handful of shots back in the day. Enough for like a 20 second edit probably. I'm sure some others can relate.

But I've always been great at watching skiing. I mean my eyes could podium in the ability to stare at my computer. Like if you could turn pro at watching other people rip, I'd be a legend. I'm like the Candide of rewinding and fast forwarding a really steezy switch 5. Again, perhaps others can relate.

This stated, I feel like there is some absolutely incredible skiing content coming out that just does not get the recognition it deserves. You can call it whatever you want: shortened attention spans, the rise of Instagr*m, or maybe everyone became like way too good at skiing and insane stuff just feels a bit more normal. So in an effort to maintain the hype/hyph (and because somehow I've been blessed with more time on my hands), I've decided to put together this video digest. This will be a culmination of recent film highlights with an emphasis on video work that perhaps didn't get the NS attention and praise it deserved. Short edits, long edits, short films, full movies, you name it. Perhaps I'll try to do it regularly - we'll see.

For this article, a look at the trailers of some of the movies dropping this fall.


Bermuda by Strictly - October 27-28 on Newschoolers

971508The hype is real. If you somehow haven't seen Welcome yet, you're living under a rock. Or on Venus. Wherever would be more out of touch that's where you're living.

Andrew Mildenberger, Gavin Rudy, and the Strictly crew came out absolutely swinging with last year's film and proved the crew was going to be a real influence in skiing. With nods from Level 1 and the NS community at large, all eyes should be on the virtual premiere next month. Look out for heavy streets and backcountry parts from the who's who of skiing right now (Benny Smith, Pete Koukov, Sam Zahner, Parker Norvell, Ethan Swadburg, Calvin Barrett, Carson Kerr, Taylor Brooke Lundquist, McRae Williams, & Levi Ascher).

Subject 2 Change by Carnage - Fall 2020, Newschoolers


Who's the hardest crew out of Bozo? Who also initiated a meme war with Strictly (and maybe won? Can you win a meme war?)? Slightly reminiscent of Hood Crew, but in Montana, these dudes dropped a heater last year with Relax and will follow it up with Subject 2 Change. Looking for more crazy backcountry zones sessioned, excessive brrapping, and hopefully some humor like on their Instagram page @ski_carnage.

SKIVAS by Coline Ballet-Baz, BUG Visionaries, UPLAND Films - October 3rd


Serious stoke for this - all female multidisciplinary film featuring riding from Taylor Brooke Lundquist, Kim Lamarre, Rosina Friedel, and more in the streets, backcountry, big mountain, you name it. The film has backing from big name sponsors like Volkl, Picture Clothing, Monster, Newschoolers and more - looks to be shot just about everywhere including Canada and Europe. Of note, I'm looking forward to seeing some urban destruction in Quebec City - hype!

Nothing by Level 1 - October 1st, Newschoolers


This is the first year in twenty years that Level 1 won't be dropping a full length picture. However, perhaps we'll be able to numb our sadness with Freedle's Nothing, a "short film about the relatable joy of riding down snow." It appears this will be a multidisciplinary skiing/snowboarding film with P-White as the main feature, but we're looking forward to appearances from the likes of LSM, Duncan Adams, and more. Stoked!

Forever by Tanner Hall/Frozen Ambrosia - October 6th


There has been plenty of video content published about T-Hall over the years, perhaps sometimes it seems tough to keep up with. That is probably because the guy's involvement with our sport has been so deep and has lasted for so long that, naturally, there's plenty to cover. If you saw Like a Lion (2010), this film will be something of a revamp of that biopic concept, but with a deeper dive. Tanner said on Simon Dumont's Ascension podcast that this one should be a bit more intense (after all, it has been 10 years since the last film of this nature and there's got to be plenty to cover). Stoked to see more from Ski Boss.

Magma II by Owen Dahlberg, Alex Hall, and Hunter Hess - November 13th, Newschoolers


The follow up to the banger-iffic Magma of last year, this year's short film surely will not disappoint. This should feature more creative spring backcountry builds and more spins and flips that may actually create a time warp pushing Newschoolers into the future (in silky smooth style). I think we're all still reeling from Hess's insane triple ender at the end of Magma - really not sure how you top that but I'm sure these boys will.

Don't Fret by Child Labor - Fall 2020, Newschoolers


A follow up to last year's The Strike, this Utah based crew is dropping another street part this year. The crew has no shortage of ingenuity in the streets, and with heavily understated riders like Cal Carson and Andrew Egan, this one should be no short of some down dirty fish eye 90s Panasonic heat (not actually sure if that's how they film, but you get the point). The last shot in this trailer alone is enough to stir anticipation, cringe, worry, and wonder (NSFW).

Halcyon Days by Lore - October 13-14, Newschoolers


Lore is Nick Meilleur’s new film and marketing agency and this seems to be one of his first cuts released under the new moniker. Featuring an absolutely stacked crew that includes Joona Kangas, Kai Mahler, Daniel Hanka, Jacob Hyllengren Larsson, Anttu Oikkonen, and many more, this has a chance to be one of the sicker movies that comes out this season. News of the upcoming film was definitely more low key than some of the other films this year, but I personally am prepared to be blown away. Shot in Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and Austria, we're looking forward to plenty of European dreamland playground slay-age.

GoreFlex by Buldozlife - Fall 2020, Newschoolers

963696Another ill crew of psychos out of Europe, we're looking forward to even more originality with this one. Featuring Sampo Vallotton (Sam Wallot) and company, it seems these guys filmed all over the place for this project, including some absolutely pristine looking backcountry zones. Last year's short film BrainMassage was serious stuff, let's see how the crew follows it up.

Deviate by Jossi Wells and Torin Yater-Wallace - Fall 2020, ?

So there's not really a trailer to link here because other than an unofficial Instagram/Facebook trailer drop and an Instagram page (@deviate.film), there really hasn't been an official trailer. At least not one easily found online. That aside, Torin and Jossi have spoken about their project from last winter pretty extensively on a variety of platforms including Simon's Ascension podcast - I'm sure we still can look forward to this project dropping sometime this fall, just at a time TBD.

In addition to all these projects, we can look forward to a scourge of other film work dropping this winter, notably from the Onslaught crew, Entourage, and many more. Not to mention, some of the best work the past few years has come from company teams like ON3P, Faction, Armada, and many more - I'm sure we'll be seeing more of that in the near future. And is there a follow up to Jyosei in the mix? Hopefully. It should be a bangin' couple of months leading up to this winter - I for one can't wait.