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By Ethan Stone

Every year NS gives its respect to the little guys: regional companies trying

to make a break, or just the local kids throwing together a movie for the hell

of it, and selling it for whoever wants to see what's being thrown down in the

area. Here's our list of this season's movies; movies that you may not read

about in the magazines, movies that showcase local riders and capture the exploding

talents outside of the small world of the professionals. Check it out.

Off Trail Productions - First Light


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the Trailer

Riders: Brent Neill, Austin Ramaley, John Symms, Ashley Battersby, Max and Tosh Peters, Stefan Thomas, Brandon Becker, Blake Nyman, Travis Perkins, Willy Schneider, Scott Havens, Al Lanning, the Groms, Josh Bibby, Craig Coker, Mike Wilson, and more

Locations: Park City, Superpark, Parkasaurus, Alta, Snowbird, Utah, BC, Whistler, Vail, Breck, Mt. Hood, Big Bear, Heavenly, SLC

Filmmaker's comment: "Get ready to see the hot shit from

the riders of the future! Pre order special!! Check website for details."


Theory-3 Media - Breathe & Stop

http://www.theory-3.com ---

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Riders: James Heim, Colin Puskas, Tim Durtschi, Andy Mahre,

Erich Kunz, Matt Neiderhauser, Jason Ghidakis, Simon Tompson, Andy Stewart,

Charles Grant, Charles Gagnier, Ben Larsen, Craig Coker, Coby Trudell, Kyle

Gronely, Tyler Forman, Jeff Thomas, Charley Marian, Gina Gmeiner, and introducing

Zach Davison

Locations: Mt. Baker WA, Stevens Pass WA, Snoqualmie WA, Washington

backcountry, British Columbia backcountry, Ottawa ON, Montreal QC, Toronto ON,

Chic Choc QC, Mammoth CA, Whistler BC, Mt. Seymour BC, Alpental WA, Stampede

Pass WA, Mt. Bachelor OR

The filmmaker says: "From the creative minds of Theory-3

Media and Jeff Thomas, we bring you Breathe & Stop. This film is a creative

outlook on the freeskiing world with a definitive flow not seen in other films.

Breathe & Stop has been focusing its assault on urban, big mountain, park

and backcountry jibbing. Both riders and production crew have gone to great

lengths to produce a film not typical of other ski films. Expect great music,

great riding, great editing, and great flow."


Hansen Films - Absence


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the Trailer

Price/ordering info: DVD 150 SEK (about $20), pre-order at

hansenfilms.tk or freeride.nu

The filmmaker says: "Marcus Hansen brings you his second

film Absence. Follow skiers like Jacob Wester, Niklas Karlström, Erik Strand

and Anton Silvola and more. Locations are all around Europe from Trysil, Norway

to Les 2 Alpes, France. Don't miss this year's most progressive jib film. Will

be out this August!"


Yellow Snow Productions - Super!


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the Trailer

Riders: JP Solberg, Dan Marion, Matt Philippi, Dylan Hood,

Taylor Felton, Corey Vanular, Seth Gallant, Pat Waite, Silas Miller, Henrik

Lampert, Alex Balsen, Dan Kiesel, Dave Chrichton, Chas Watters, Tanner Rainville

and others

Locations: Sunday River ME, Waterville Valley NH, Sugarloaf

ME, Okemo VT, Stratton VT, Killington VT, Mount Snow VT, Breckenridge CO, June

Mountain CA, Vail CO, Naeba Japan, Mammoth CA, Whistler BC, Tignes France, Mt.

Hood OR, New Zealand, and others

The filmmaker says: "Yellow Snow Productions presents

'Super!,' the most unconventional freeride skiing film ever

produced. "Super!" is a documentary covering the lives of the freshest

faces in the freeskiing industry.Shot all over the globe, this film features

many diverse locations. 'Super!' will be available on both VHS and DVD. The

DVD will include bonus footage from throughout the 2003-2004 season."


H3O Films - Hibachi King


Price: $14.95 DVD

Riders: Scott Hibbert, Travid Redd, Corey Vanular, Mike Nick,

Iannick B, Paul Calabrese, Jeff Curry, Chris Guliano, Craig Coker, Mike Wilson,

Peter Olenick, Dave Crichton, Andy Woods

Locations: Okemo VT, Mammoth CA, Mt. Snow VT, Keystone CO,

Vail CO, Whistler BC, Killington VT, rural Mass.

The filmmaker says: "Featuring some of the best skiers

around, as well as some up and comers that have made an impact on

skiing this year. Hibachi King promises to not disappoint. The DVD also features

plenty of bonus footage including "video magazine" style short films

frommajor competitions, Freeskier Jibfest short films, and much more...the movie

is 90% non-comp footage.


Meathead Films - Schooled, Epoch


Price/ordering info: Available through Video Action Sports

and Skiershop.com

Riders: Joe Morabito, Alec Stall, Erme Catino, Simon Thomson,

Jason Ghikadis, Rooster, Geoff McDonald, Dave Bouchard, Dave Watson, Roy Tuscany,

Matt Phillipi

Locations: Stowe VT, Sugarbush VT, Jay Peak VT, Mad River

Glen VT, Stratton VT, Chic Choc Mountains QC, Mt. Mansfield VT, Mt. Washington

NH, Mt. Marcy NY, Mt. Greylock MA, Katahdin ME, Mont Saint Saveur QC, Val St.

Come QC, Sunday River ME

The filmmaker says: "Schooled" - Grab your bologna

sandwich and hop on the school bus to join the Meathead crew as they explore

what it means to be a skier on the East Coast. Blending new school with old,

"Schooled" takes the viewer on a unique ski journey through New England

and Eastern Canada. Watch the Meatheads shred the Stowe backcountry, explore

the East's best terrain parks and make first descents in the incredible Chic

Choc mountains of Quebec. Featuring the best backcountry footage this side of

the Mississippi, "Schooled" will knock your gym socks off. Forget

what you know. Get Schooled!

"Epoch" - Epoch (ep'ek): A particular period of history, especially

one considered remarkable or noteworthy. "Epoch" is the 2004 release

from Meathead Films that looks into the rich history of ski mountaineering in

the Eastern U.S. Join seven young skiers on their quest to conquer five of the

Northeast's highest peaks in a single season (Mt. Washington, NH; Mt. Marcy,

NY; Mt. Greylock, MA; Mt. Mansfield, VT; Katahdin, ME). Witness their struggles,

laugh at their antics, and enjoy incredible backcountry skiing in places you've

never seen before. Combining the Meatheads' memorable expeditions along with

the fascinating alpine history of each mountain, this film will take you on

a truly "Epoch" journey.


SAS - Wicked

http://www.sasfilms.com ---


the Trailer

Price: $15

Riders: Alex Balsen, Sean Decker, Forrest Frizzell, Justin

Gillern, Stu Halverson, Travis Heed, Matt Iovanni, Chris Johnson, Dan Keisel,

John Lippiatt, Sean Logan, Jesse Mallis, Richie Paradise, JP Solberg, Ryan Vescovi,

Colby West, and more

Locations: East Coast (and not a single shot from anywhere


The filmmaker says: "The East Coast has never been known

for great skiing. Year after year riders and filmmakers move west in search

of bigger and better terrain. Wicked is about those who have stayed behind and

chosen to rip it up in the place they call home."


Two Plank Productions - Unwritten History


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the Trailer

Price/ordering info: $24 @ http://www.twoplank.com, 970-349-0350

Riders: Steve Florentine, Ted Davenport, Jesse Hall, Peter

Olenick, Michael Olenick, Tom Dolezal, Jeff Berman, Jon

Reedy, Ben Furimski, Rex Thomas, Matt Mikos, Justin Bunting, Brandon Clabaugh

and Bobby Gipps

Locations: Colorado: Crested Butte, Aspen/Snowmass, Steamboat,

Breckenridge, Copper and the San Juan Mountains. California: Parkasaraus, June

Mountain, and Mammoth Mountain. Oregon: Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Hood.

The filmmaker says: "Unwritten History is the fourth

release from Two Plank Productions. This film is a harmonic blend of amazing

ski footage and high energy music. Unwritten History was shot on location in

the Western United States, and delivers top notch professional athletes and

up and comers alike to raise the bar in the ever-developing sport of freeskiing.

Helmet cams, deep powder, sick lines, big parks, ill rails, nasty gaps, water

tower jibs, and a 120 foot 9-picnic table jib to ladder down grind highlights

the new film. Unwritten History captures what is still to come for the sport

of skiing and will shape the history books of freeskiing forever. This film

asks, 'What if the new skiing movement never happened? What if it still hasn't?'



Flatulous Films & Alltheski.com

- http://www.alltheski.com

These dudes from Spain have been so busy shooting in the Pyrenees and Les 2

Alpes that they haven't had time to name the movie or put together a trailer.

The film will be released for free online. If you've never

seen a skiing website in Spanish before, check it out.

Riders:Marc Vallejo, Pep de Navàs, Tomi Blanc, Aitor Ortueta, Guillem

Fernández, Marc de Diego, Jordi Munmany, Albert Lopez, Gerard Lopez,

Raul Diez,

Esteve Munmany, and many more.


Locations: Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig, Soldeu-El Tarter, Les 2 Alpes, Cerler, Astún, Tavascan.

New Way Productions - Forecast

http://www.newwayproductions.com ---

View the Trailer

Price: $10 VHS/ $15 DVD

Riders: Jean-Denis Zicat, Justin Meilleur, P-O Plante, JP

Caron, Phil Lambert, François Jacques, David Beaulieu, Guillaume Bouchard,

J-S Plante, Jean-Nick Bouchard, Eve Morneau

Locations: Stoneham Qc, le Relais Qc, Val-Saint-Côme

Qc, Whistler BC

The filmmaker says: "Forecast is an amateur movie made

by people from Quebec. The riders featured in it are some of the best amateurs

of their age (15 to 17 years old) in Quebec. We filmed all season long in various

parks including 418 park in Stoneham, Pro park in Le Relais, Val-Saint-Côme's

park, and we filmed at many events and competitions like the D-Structure Ski

Jam, the Kokanee Rumble and all other KDX events. The movie will be out this

September, and the premiere will be held at the Imax Theater in Quebec City."


Bottle Cap Productions - Prohibited


Price/ordering info: $5-10, info@bottlecapproductions.com

Riders: Danny Smylie, Chris Caldwell, Jeff Schmitz, Davey Lerdahl,

Carter Theis, Tim Hutchinson, Emily Blewitt, Scott Blewitt, Sven Krause, Nick

Madson, Graham Owen, Noah Wetzel, Verona Crew, and more

Locations: Whistler BC, Copper, Vail, Tyrol Basin, Cross Plains

Skate Park

The filmmaker says: "This video is composed of mostly

Tyrol Basin Locals along with some skateboarding and shots from our trips out

west for an added touch. This film shows the fun side of the sport and the good

times, taking things back to what they're all supposed to be about, Fun."


Skifilm.no - Third Attempt


Price: approx. $20

Riders: Andreas HÃ¥tveit, Grete Eliason, Lars Veen

Locations: Norway

The filmmaker says: "The most anticipated freeski movie

in Norway following the success of Skifilm.no's "Second Attempt" in

2003. International level jibbing and freesking from Scandinavia's best skiers

whack throughout this dynamic short video. Whilst on a low budget, this film

achieves a high standard of production using a diverse range of different camera

angles and innovative shooting techniques."


Stept Productions - To Whom it May Concern


--- View

the Trailer

Price: $10

Riders: Nick Martini, Alex Martini, Matt Morrison, Harry Jostrum,

HankGarrett, The Cannon Mafia, and many others

Locations: All over the East Coast

The Filmmaker says: "To Whom it May Concern" drops

July 4th, and should be almost an hour long plus bonus footage, check out http://www.steptproductions.com

for more info!


Zenith Films - IndiVisuals


the Trailer

Price/ordering info: $10 DVD, P.O. Box 19 Ketchum, Idaho 83340

Riders: Collin Collins, Michael Mcclure, Corey Warren, Reed

Boeger, Karl Fostvedt, Yancy Caldwell

Locations: Mostly Sun Valley, ID and Park City, UT

The filmmaker says: "The film is very impressive and

features some very talented kids and amazing editing. A lot of park shredding

and some crazy handrails in the sun valley area as well as some great backcountry

booters. Hot soundtrack including Talib Kweli, Atmosphere, Postal Service, Outkast,

and lots more. You won't be let down by IndiVisuals; 'our only intention,

is to take you high...'"


Field Productions - Suspense


--- View

the Trailer

Riders: Christopher Frankum, Jørgen Platou Willumsen,Lasse

Nyhaugen, Henrik Lampert, Filip Christensen and more.

Locations: Colorado, Saas Fee, Andermatt, Varingskollen, Trysil,

and other locations in Norway

The filmmaker says: "I'm from Norway so don't expect

perfect English. This is a amateur ski movie from Norway. The movie contains

young and talented skiers. Our movie is gettin' finished this fall."


HDP Films - Solid Powder III


Price: Free over the Internet; 20-25 EU ($23-29 USD) for the

"Solid Powder Series" DVD, which includes all three Solid Powder films

plus hours of unseen footage

The filmmaker says: "The filming of the third episode

of the Solid Powder- series, Internet distributed skiing- and snowboard movie,

is proceeding as planned. While the main focus has been on the Scandinavian

scene, the cameras have been rolling all the way from France to Japan and the

US. Without a doubt the biggest sessions were held at a brand new Snow Park

in Levi, Finland. Some of the biggest jumps ever seen this far up north were

captured from a helicopter giving awesome bird-eye views of the action.

The filming will proceed all the way to the end of July, the next stop being

the Lyngen-fjords in Norway and Riksgransen resort in northern Sweden."


Team RGG - Nou Name


Price: Free on the Internet

Riders: Tiger, Mike-O, Jammu, Timol, Iisko, Cors and many

more from NS

Locations: Talma, Ylls, Secret Spots, Vihti, Sappee, Himos,

and Stryn, Norway

The filmmaker says: "This movie includes nice editing

without fancy mothafucka effects and good upcoming talent from Finland. We have

some segments for pro riders too, and I believe you will like this movie. But

remember: we made this film for ourselves, not to please other people,so it's

all about having fun,when out skiing,drinking or editing. Enjoy it when it's

released in the summer."


Goon Squad Productions - The Rise


--- View the


Riders: Steve Shelby, Henry Friend, Ben Anderson, Mike Hornbeck,

Manny the Gorilla, the Michigan Militia

Locations: Marquette Mountain MI, Midwest Superpark, Breckenridge

CO , Winter Park CO, Spirit Mtn. MN, Nubs Nob MI, Boyne Highlands MI, Bittersweet

MI, Tyrol Basin WI, other secret locales

The filmmaker says: GSP's third full length ski movie produced

by the infamous action sportsfilm maker Leroy Holmes, and featuring THE BEST

skiing in the Midwest. Witness Steve Shelby's 80-foot switch 1260, or Ben Anderson's

quad kink urban rail slide. Licensed music!


FARP - Macaroni & Steeze

http://www.farp.tk --- View

the Trailer

Price: $5 DVD, free online

Riders: Fred Reyez, Tyler Wackerle, Randall Brown, Tim Light,

Kari Neier, Bryan Madaleno

Locations: Apple Mountain, Mt. Holly, Nubs Nob, Boyne Highlands,

Heim's House, Tyler's House, Boyne Highlands, Marquette Mountain, Shanty Creek


The filmmaker says: "This is FARP's second movie. It

is a HUGE improvement over the original FARP and I hope you enjoy our progression

as much as we did."


Freezing Point 32 - Damaged Goods

http://www.fp32.com --- View

the Trailer

Price: $10-12 DVD

Riders: Tommy Price, Craig Moore, Alex Perfect, Richie Fahey,

Bart Singleton, Travis Feiss, Stephen Osborn, Tad Feiss, Michael Liggett, Stephanie

Osborn, Liz Sedler, Becca Sedler, Adam Weaver, and others

Locations: Perfect North Slopes, Snowtrails, Paoli Peaks,

Whistler, Boyne,Marquette, and all around the Midwest

The filmmaker says: "This movie is gonna be titties in

the mouth."

RightSide Productions- Unspoken

http://www.rightsideproductions.com --- Watch the Trailer

Price: $10 DVD, email joe@rightsideproductions.com

Riders: Josh Malczyk, Jason Alamed, Justin Gillern, Joe Gaetani, Dan Fisher, Mike Galves, Andy Street, Paul Skarvinko

Locations: All over New England, Tahoe, Whistler

The filmmaker says: "This is our second full length video and it will not dissapoint. There will tons of insane skiing and snowboarding as well as skateboarding, biking, and rediculous sport bike action. Be sure to check it out as well as the East Coast Alliance team video and the Green Mountain Outlaws sport bike video later this winter."