Contest Update!Ok, so we’ve got tonnes of contests going on, and there’s new ones added yet again! Obermeyer has stepped up with a bunch of prizes, so I recommend getting ontop of that one. The Scott contest this round is wicked too, little tricky, but there’s tonnes of prizes to be won. Always remember to check the contest page for new ones to enter. Chances of winning are extremely high, so get in there and get on it!Let’s update you on the winners of the previous contests:LEVEL Roger Cervantes (Cervantes_roger) is the winner of this month’s trivia contest! You will be contacted for your mailing information. This was the final round of the Level Trivia. We want to thank you for taking part, and hopefully you had a good time! Here’s the answers:1. What Level Pro won the Gravity Games Rail Jam and the VT Open Rail Jam in 2005?-Tim Russell2. Name the Level Team Pro who has a "Huckdoll" signature model and hails form Midland, Ontario.-Sarah Burke3. This Level Pro started a ski company dedicated to Newschool skiing. Name him and his company.-Matt Sterbenz, 4 Frnt4. Name the Level Pro known in part for his famous crash in MSP's "Yearbook" film?-Mike Wilson5. Name the resort that has hosted the Winter X Games more times than any other.-AspenSCOTTThere were five winners this round:1- Travis Clifton2- Chris Williams3- Erica Finnson4- Stefan Curtis5- Chris WerschkulEach of the winners will receive a pair of Scott Motive goggles! You will be contacted to get your mailing information. The answers to the trivia questions are:· List 5 members of the Scott pro team -Team member listing found at: · How old is Brandon Becker and what mountain is his home mountain? - Age: 20, Home mountain: Brighton · What movies was John Symms in this year? - WAR; Shanghai Six; Teddybear Crisis; 11th Hour · Who won the - Laurent Favre · What are the names of the 3 freestyle skis scott makes? - P1, P2, P3 The next round of the scott contest is up… it’s TAKE A PICTURE WITH SCOTT. Click on the text for more information. OBERMEYER Our newest addition to the contest section, and your latest chance to walk away with some gear… It’s the Obermeyer "Spot the O" contest!