Junction 133 Presents



1.) Greyboy "See My Eyes"

2.) Blockhead "The Strain"

3.) Mouse on Mars "Sui Shop"

4.) A-Trak "Feeling For The Pack"

5.) The Reavers "Warrior (007 Platoon Mix)"

6.) Supernatural "The Jazzy Man"

7.) Madlib "Figaro/Beat #222"

8.) Mac Dre "She Neva Seen"

9.) Sizzla "Satisfy Yourself"

10.) AZ "Time"

11.) Sunspot Jonz "Armz"

12.) Black Swan "Domestic Violence"

13.) Myka 9 "Citrus District"

14.) Mac Mall ft. Goapele "The One"

15.) Ratatat ft. Jeezy & Bun B "Over Here"

16.) Zhieru ft. MF Doom "My Ladies"

17.) AZ "Payback"

18.) Chapter 11 "Ease Up"

Click here to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nd1jmmjzo2m

(It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you make a play list in your Itunes, load these songs in, and make sure they are IN THIS ORDER). This playlist is designed to be played IN THIS ORDER. To play it out of order or on shuffle would not make any sense for anybody.

NS Beats Vol. II will be one long track, basically like a podcast (and you won't have to worry about putting the songs in order). I will have some of my own personal commentary, drunken rants, blunted ramblings and tasty instrumentals between songs. It will basically be a podcast of a radio show (completely unofficial). Those of you that checked out my show StereoChronic a couple years ago have an idea of what to expect, except some unrated grimey ass beats and funky shit.

To start you off I arranged a compilation that is primarily hip hop and rap. The intro to the disc is mostly funky instrumental beats with a hint of soul and a heavy dose of electronic fused in. This playlist is perfect for the mountain or if your trying to get amped for the winter.