The International Freeskiing Film Festival is rolling right along for its third day here in Montreal, and with all the partying, premieres, planning of the NS Awards and catching up with old friends, we didn't have time to hook up another juicy update today, but please check back with us tomorrow for full, in-depth coverage on the 18 premieres that took place over the last two days plus highlights from last night's Red Bull Tanner Hall Massive Reggae Party.

In the meantime, the festival is about to wrap up with tonight's NS Awards, and for those of you that were unable to make it to IF3, NS is here to save the day and make your night. We'll be broadcasting the entire event live from the Telus Theatre, complete with what will likely be a scandalous pre-show starring our main man Mike Rogge, who will be doing interviews with your favorite pros, filmmakers and other industry folk he can drag into the NS lounge in between drinks.

To check out the live broadcast (which is already up and running), click here:

And once the NS Awards are all said and done, following tomorrow's article on the premieres, we'll be posting a full update on what went down at the awards complete with all the winners.

So if you're in Montreal, you're in for one hell of a party, and if you're not, grab some popcorn and kick back, relax, and enjoy the show via our live feed.