Operating under the firm belief that the youth shreds just as hard as their adult counterparts, we created the "Next Life," and unveiled the first true rockered ski to the youth market. By first true rockered ski, we mean a ski that is designed and built to perform like an adult rocker ski, just smaller. The Next Life comes equipped with wood cores, sidewall construction and a waist width of 100 mm to ensure the Blake Nyman?s of the future can slash, stomp and send it just like their hero?s.

Early Rise and Low Rise Hybrid make for an extremely smooth turn initiation and exit. along with keeping the tip of those boards ontop of the deepest snow. The Hybrid Camber underfoot allows for that edge hold when snow tends to firm up or when terrain gets steeper and you need that extra bite. The Low Rise allows for "catch free skiing" making turn entry a breeze.

Never Doubt the Youth!

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