Winter is finally here, which means I am back in Colorado again shredding pipe getting ready for comp season. However this year started out a little different, in that I managed to already get a few amazing pow days under my belt in Whistler before I came down to Colorado. Whistler opened a week before I had to fly to Colorado so I got to begin the season with some pow and got to ski with a bunch of my good friends that I never get to ski with anymore. After getting a few days in at Whistler I flew down here to Copper mtn where we usually begin our season. The first two days were really fun just getting used to skiing pipe again but on the third day I had a pretty solid crash. The pipe was a little undervert so when I tried a flat 3 I clipped the deck and flew to my back in the flat bottom and ended up getting a concussion. The doctor said I have to take about a week off skiing which means I will probably miss the first contest of the year, the Grand Prix but I should be back in time for the 1st Dew Tour. I just saw a picture of my new « competition version » of the Caspers and they look so sick, so hopefully I’ll be skiing on them by the Dew Tour! Wish me luck!

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