Name: Tanja Gmür

Born: 12.04.1990

Home Town: Altendorf

Home Mountain: Laax, Hoch-Ybrig

Riding since: started with 2 years

Shred Set up:  Allure, Ski center

What would be the first question you wouldn’t have an answer for? I’ve got a lot of questions I don’t have an answer for but I’m sure nobody else has an answer either…

What in your eyes made you what you are today? The strict upbringing by my parents, haha ;-) to grow up at my beautiful home, the chance to spend all my free time doing sport and much more I don’t realise at the moment.

How did you get into this? I had finished alpine skiing and skied  just for fun first and then I saw people on twins on my home mountain and I thougth why not try it too?

What is the meaning of style and who’s got it in your eyes? Everybody who has a good feeling on skis.

How would you describe your personal riding style? I can’t really describe it myself, maybe don’t worry about crashes or something like that.

What’s your best trick you are currently pulling and what are you working on? Hmmm…I think it’s a 540° (corked?) and I’m working on my right side.

What do you consider a good achievements for a rider and what is yours? I think it’s different for everyone; have fun and do your thing!

Which was your most dangerous moment in your shred life? What happened? My two concussions, it’s a bad feeling when you can’t remember what happened and where you are.

What do you do when you don’t ride? I work on my English to be able to answer all these questions.

In case you wake up in a bad mood, what is there to save your day? When I’ve got the chance I sleep until I’m in a better mood or I eat some chocolate, that’s always something that puts a smile on my face.

Let’s say you are the president of our world. What would you change right now? A lift ticket for free for the whole world.

What is there what money can’t buy for you? Healthy, family, good friends, good weather…

Here is your plane ticket to AK. Your quiver is ready, so you got 10 minutes to pack your privat 20 liter bag. What would you stuff inside? A warm jacket, sleeping-bag, food and drink and things to clean myself.

What music do you listen to? Hip-Hop

What pisses you off big time? Closed lifts.

What do you do to really calm down in case you are pissed off? Ohh has anybody a good idea?

Are you afraid of a flat planet? Yes, that would be so borring…

Any personal manifesto you are living by?  Not really…

Your daily contribution to make a better world? Be friendly to everyone…!?

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? I hope I’m a happy and healthy person.

What will you do after this last question? I’m hungry, need something to eat!

Tanja, thank you for your time.