this place is so increadible words can't even begin to describe it. only those who have experienced it first hand could begin to contemplate the wonders of foreign lands and travel and culture.

so getting here. getting here was an adventure in itself. i woke up whenever i posted in that stupid thread in nsg last and then peaced it to seattle to leave from seatac at something outrageous like 3 am and once at the border, my dad thought it would be best to leavehis brights on because his front headlight wasnt working and we didnt want to be denied access to wonders this early in the game.

long storry short, we had the absolute, BITCHIEST, sandiest, live at home with no boyfriend and your 15 cats, eat a pint of ben a jerry's ice cream every-hour-on-the-hour border official the world has every known;

"is there a reason you're trying to blind me?"

'uh no sorry'

because i don't know weather or not you're going to come up and shoot me"


"where are you headed"


"how are you related to the people in the car?"

'you're kidding, right?'

how are you related to the people in the car??"

'wife, son'

"i'm sorry but i have to ask"

"go ahead"

we literally pulled ahead 20 feet and my dad started ussing her outlike none other. we were all in histerics for who knows how long.

get to the airport and none of that is all too intersting so on to landing in Paris.

once in Paris, my mum and i went shopping because we lost our luggage due to a major **** up on behalf of the lovely checking people at JFK international..


we arrived in paris, stayed for two days at a friend's place, shopped then headed 'er to india two days after.