Here is a gallery of my photos from Camp Woodward at Copper Mt. CO. Thanks to the Woodward crew and all the groms for killing it. I had a blast!

A beautiful day to road trip.
The crew. L-R Ali Gingras, Taylor Seaton, Phil Casabon, Brittany Adam and me.
Go carting! Phil zooms by.
Me catching up to Tay.
Yup I am in the back while Brit and Phil duke it out for 1st.
The boys held a ton of contest for the kids over the week. This one was who could jump over without knocking down the pad.
Happy Camper! Katie eating dinner.
Camp Food, not bad at all.
Brit holding it down.
Dr. Phil (camp doc) and Tay on hill.
Yoga session with the girls.
The boys found someone they know in Freeskier...
It's me!
We made smores.
Camper Hannah hanging at the barn.
I think I need a Red Bull... these kids have so much energy!
Katie making her camp shirt.
Alina and Kelsey getting their art on.
I love Hannah's design!
My girls and their T's. And look who arrived, GBaby (Grete Eliassen) far right.