I can meet many newer in the army group. I think they all interested in Aion game. Not all the newer will stay up at last for many reasons. Every one has different thinking of the game, including me. At first, when I play the game for the first time. I had to learn how to jump, how to log in and sign out, and how to use the layout and list to operate the game. I knew how to do all the above things. I had to learn how to level up my account. I had to kill some monster as the rule of all the game. I can get some Aion CD Key also if I have enough experience of killing monster.  

I played hard at first, and I was passed at last. I thought it was interesting so I did not give up playing the game, and I knew that it was important to cooperation in the group. No matter you are a guarder or TT, you are useful in the team. I began to learn skill after I was familiar with the game. And I had to learn how to make Aion CD Key after I caught some skills. The first task was to kill monster, but I was not lucky at all, my boat was explored after not long time. I knew that newer can get boat for free. So I went on playing, but explored all the time. I thought I never make money like this, so I learned to mine though it was trouble.