Cory Lidle, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, was killed today when his small private plane crashed into a residential high-rise building on New York City’s Upper East Side, igniting several apartments before pieces of the aircraft crashed to the ground, a high-ranking city official confirmed late this afternoon.

The plane was registered to Mr. Lidle, who was a licensed pilot. At a news conference this afternoon, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that a flight instructor and a student pilot with 75 hours of experience were aboard and killed, but he would not confirm that Mr. Lidle was one of them, saying the families of the victims had not yet been notified....

When I first heard about this, I was todl that it was a Helicopter flown into a building in NYC, and I immediatly thought...THOSE FUCKING TERRORISTS. After the story unfolded some I begin to realize that it was a small plane and the chances of it being a terrorist were slim. Despite the fact that it wasnt a terrorist attack i still think that the FAA still should have had control over that plane and should have immediatly confirmed it was a private plane owned by someone other than terrorists.

On the other side I think that it was good that the terrorist activation went right into affect and there were jets everywhere...I really like that we were ready to get those mother fuckers out of there, despite the fact that they werent terrorists.

It is a loss that Yankees fans will dread completely, but i could fucking care less...GO BOSTON...ALright that was mean, but anyway I think that it is sad that this young mad crashed into a building.

Overalll I think that terrorist threats are very out of control and that they should be taken care of. Although I am only 16 i will be voting in the next election, and I will vote for anyone who says BLOW THEM MOTTTHER FUCKERS up...what do they do good...

Well I hope y ou enjoyed my rant...and That is my thought on the Plane crash in NYC today