I am no longer able to click my mouse.

And no, that is not a joke about erectile disfunction. My mouse got rid of its convenient clicking feature today, at about 5:27 pm, in favor for the much less functional, non clicking function, which makes doing any sort of work about as productive as powering automobiles with human sneezes.

This is sweet, because up until 3 weeks ago, my keyboard evicted it's spacebar capability. For two and a half months, I added spaces to my typing by copying a space, very similiar to the one seen here: , and pasting it in between words. When i got my new keyboard, there were some really akward moments involving me hitting control+v instead of the spacebar when it came time for a space:

Girl: hey, what's up

Eastjibber: chilling, you?

Girl: same deal. what did you end up doing last night?

Eastjibber: http://www.bangbros.com

Girl: what......the hell?

Eastjibber: we must never speak of this again

very, very akward, as we can see.

After getting over that problem, We had several weeks of smooth sailing, until today's mouse incident.

Attempting my physics lab has currently become a laborious task, but, my procrastination holds strong, and i currently only have 2 sentances finished, my name, and my grade. My mom has suggested that I call someone else with a mac, and ask to borrow their mouse. My mom has an affinity to put me in the most akward situations alive. My mom has had me hold her place in the line at customs in the airport in Rome, so she could go get a cup of coffee. The line was moving at the speed of slug when she left me. This is why she left me, she knew she had time. As soon as she was out of sight, the line started pushing forward at roughly the speed of an angry mob. I got up to the customs agent, looked at him, totally empty handed, and said,"sorry, I got nothin." My mom had my passport, and ID with her. She came back relatively soon, only after I had been mildly shanked when a lady weilding a contraband Q-tip behind me had finally snapped under the pressure of waiting five more minutes in the customs line. god forbid.

So, in an attempt to avoid this hopeless mess of akwardness, I told my mom that I would talk to my teacher, and tell him that, my mouse sucks, and therefore i could not determine visually and quantatively the angle of projection which produces the maximum range in a parabolic trajectory. So, tomorrow, I get to go to the apple store, which has more in common with the inside of a metal box, than an actual store, and throw another 29.95 at steve jobs, so i can get another mouse that i am almost positive contains a chip that explodes 17 hours after the warranty expires, rendering a key part of the apparatus un usable.