If the uncommon last name “Durtschi” didn’t give it away, Erica is my sister and she just turned 21.  She is living in Salt Lake, coaching and competing.  She lives in a packed house, I dont even know all the roommates but it includes LJ when he is around, Collin C. and Brady P. Yeah she is dating Brady, sorry boys she is taken! She has been filming with Saga and will be in the next volume, a volume that I cannot wait to see.

I took some photos with my sister during the spring look book shoot.  I wish I had more time to ski with Erica but we both have different schedules and that makes things difficult. The last day we were going to film together got abruptly cancelled when the Saga home basement was flooded at 4AM. My sister showed up at 6:30AM to find us scooping water into a garbage bucket with a blender.  She was laughing which she usually doesn’t do at 6:30AM because she is not much of a morning person and I guess I am the only person she can tolerate that early in the morning.  I tend to be loud in the morning, and she doesn’t like loud noises in the morning, but the situation of a flooded basement overcame that so much that we forgot about the ski day we were missing. Last year we got some late season Brighton Pow so I am sure we will ski some more later this year when filming winds down.

Also incase people are wondering, she is wearing the size Large ghost Jacket and Hybrid pants in the Dew Tour Photo.  There are a bunch of girls rocking the size Large and thats sweet, but I havn’t heard of any girls who are wearing the XL, if you rock it let it be known. I think Erica would look good in some XL, well, she thinks it’s too big but if you are a girl that is any taller than her than I think you could rock it. Oh actually I found a picture of her wearing the XL vest and Angeli is wearing the XL cobra!

Dew Tour in Breckenridge
XL left…XXL right…
No we are not holding hands.
Thanks to JPH for the Photos and good times at the Saga Office.