Since joining the Boone crew last spring at the Squaw shoot, I have come to realize that not only am I getting hooked up with sick skis but Ibecame part of a family. Since tearing my pcl and meniscus in Dec. on the legendary d-f-d C rail in War that ZachD hits, my perspectiveon skiing and life in general has changed. Don't sweat the small things because as long as your on skis than tomorrow is another day. Butwhen that gets taken away from you then you have to see your way around it. Since my injury i've been focused on editing, some of youmay have seen some of my edits from Forrest Films and Tall Treez, I will be producing 2 movies for both Boone Skis and WARNING! forTall Treez. I want to show the ski community that Tahoe has some really sick talent that goes unnoticed.

Colors always look sick, bluebird or gray skies.
HD JapanMy season only consisted of a month in Nov.-Dec. where I got to shred some early season Boreal, Heavenly, and Mammoth. I got toshred with Boone teammates as well as with my crew Tall Treez which consists of mostly snowboarders. Some of the funnest weeks ofmy life.
Scopin the landing for the rock drop-in.
We were lucky enough to get some snow at lake level in Dec. so I also got to hit some urban before wrecking myself.
Also, I've been working with my 2 brothers Sal and Luis on Tall Treez street/snow wear. Keep an eye out and get yours today!!!
Lastly, I want to thank Erik Boone for giving us kids an opportunity to live the dream and being a down to earth owner. I will be gettingreconstructive surgery tomorrow on my left knee and I want to again thank Erik for sending me the ICE MAN. What other ski owner sendstheir AM rider a 500$ machine for rehabilitation?
Skiing is and will always be my life. And I will be with the Boone family for the rest of my time.-Martin RubioHere's my promo from a few weeks of riding.Boone Skis AM Rider Martin Rubio from Martin Rubio on Vimeo.Thanks...