My Review of the Asterisk Knee Brace

I have been wearing Asterisk knee Braces since 2008. Over that time my knee braces have become an piece of equipment I cannot ski with out. It is just as important as my bindings, my skis my helmet. I always want to make sure my bindings are set at the right DIN.  I always want to make sure my helmet is fitting right and the same goes for my knee braces.

Knee injuries are a huge obstacle in the life of a pro skier.  They come into play with all skiers.  My answer to this struggle and fear is prevention. That comes down to wearing my knee brace every day I ski.  The brace gives me an extra feeling of security, its no guarantee but its what I need to really keep the fear of knee injury out of my mind while I am skiing.  I used to only wear one brace, on my knee I had surgery on in 2005. After my surgery my knee was really susceptible to hyper-extension. I felt unbalanced with only one brace so soon after I started wearing the set of braces.  This is what is awesome about asterisk is that they come sold in a pair.

I am really happy with the Asterisk knee brace system, it is easy to put on, 4 simple clips that you can adjust with ease.  It is light, Ski boots weight alot. With the addition of the knee brace it is important that it doesnt add too much weight to your leg. I also like the knee pad that is integrated into the brace.  At first I was skeptical since this is an addition meant for moto bikers.  Since I snowmobile alot this is perfect, and for skiing it means I can dodge a knee bruise from a tree, ski, rock,ect.

Asterisk just started a new line of colored knee braces.  I have always rocked the red with a sticker or two on it. With the addition of blue, orange, yellow, green there is a taste for everyone. I might start rocking the blue ones!  Huge thanks to Asterisk for helping me stay safe in the mountains, check out their website at