WARNING: I AM DRUNK, i may or may not make sense.

ok, before i start off i would like to add a disclaimier. Well, my girlfriend would get mad at me for claiming this shit, but here I am: I am a ski bum. My blog has many different enteries in it about all sorts of subjects (if you do not know what I have written in my blog to this date, I recomend you read my first few enteries. I may come off as a tree hugging hippie, and some of my shit might be repetative, but fuck it. It's what I think and care about. and as Dan Kellar said "just because you care about the planet, doesn't make you a hippie".

So, on with my blog. I am a ski bum. You can be just like me.

this is my weekend.

curling: so the night before opening day some friends of mine (and I) went to go curling at the local curling club. Now, I don't know how big culing is in the states (or all you other countries around the world, but in Canada, curling is wierdly big. All the older folk do it, and it seams to be entertaining. So we went out curling and we played 6 ends. Curling is actually fun. think of it as chess/shuffle board but really hard. Here are some comments from my fellow players.

"It's fucking good shit man" Nathan

"It's fucking on" Gary

quotes from fellow curlers.

opening: Opening day. Is there a better day of the season? (well, ok, maybe the first day of the biggest storm of the year) So before opening day we (fellow companions and I) have been hiking up the mountain for two weeks and within those two weeks I had the best run of my life (I'm talking chest deep, fall line for 900m kind of run, but waiting in line for the chair to start up on opening day makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

"It was alright, nothing special" Nathan

"it was tracked out" Gary

tonight: by this point in the blog i've lost interest. tonight was fun. it was a full moon so everything was bright. Beautiful really. my buddies had their qp going for the first time of the year (they got a bobcat, so they can work it). i hit it a few times, but decided getting drunk was much funner. there was a small narrow qp with a hip going into it. Nathan did the best run of the night with a late 180 to switch nose press on the qp. Gary busted the highest air of the night. He was attempting a 360 but was doing this weird flip 360 thing... when we get more snow we're making the qp way bigger and having a hip opion off to the side.

Last words:

"What does last words mean?" Nathan

"Fuckin' Give 'Er" Gary

p.s. (can you do p.s. on a blog?) ski pow every day.