A few weeks ago I posted a playlist and it was one of the more popular posts in the short history of this blog. In the spirit of my ever changing musical tastes, the fact that I'm buried in finals and papers, and I'm saving a huge post for post-finals week, lets do another round of the playlist game. As always, please leave your comments and musical suggestions in the comment section below! Now, onto the playlist...1) "Too Deep" - Girl Talk I just stumbled upon Girl Talk about three hours ago and I've been listening to him ever since. I was introduced to the king of mash ups by Kyle Decker from Level 1. Check out his Jiberish edit below: *Nice work Decker!2) "Sometimes" - Assembly of DustI posted an Assembly song in my last post but that's just how god damn good they are. Sure Alex Kaufman will call me a hippie in the comment section but I'm serious, go download these guys if you like listening to music outside, on a sunny day, kicking back, and having a beer. They're THAT good.3) [insert any Sublime song here] - SublimeSummer time and the livin's easy......not quite there but as the weather gets nicer and the snow starts to melt, it becomes time to roll down the windows and listen to Sublime. Bradley Nowell was a genius (heroine addict) and his music should always be celebrated. For the sake of picking one song, currently I'm rediscovering my love for "Jailhouse." 4) "Gimme Shelter" - The Rolling StonesThis song is purely Jonny D and Jon's fault. Their JOSS video entry brought this song back from the dead, where it had been resting since I first saw the opening credits of "The Departed." Watch below and tell me this song isn't amazing. Do it. Do it. Do it!*Digi Dave Amirault is going to be stoked I'm linking so many Freeskier.com videos. 5. "Down" or "Plush" by Stone Temple PilotsWhen I was 14, my parents let me go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with a few friends from my baseball team. It was the first concert I went to without the supervision of parents. Before the concert, I was likely on my way to a glitzy career at Sea World as a dolphin trainer. This show changed all that. Believe me. It's true. A band I had never heard of before took the stage to open up for the Peppers; that band was Stone Temple Pilots and that day effectively changed the course of my life. After Scott Weiland and the band was well into their third song, it started to poor rain and thunder roared in the sky. Being an outdoor concert on a hill, people started ripping up the grass making a literal version of a "mudslide." My friends and I decided to go for it. I slid my 14 year old goofy ass down the mudslide and came out as a boy with a beer waiting to be shotgunned. That faithful day I shotgunned my first beer, had my face rocked off, and realized there were good things in life on the horizon. Sadly, STP broke up a little over eight years ago and to be honest, a little part of me broke up with them. Yet do not frown upon me NS......STP got back together a few weeks ago and will resume touring as soon as Scott Weiland serves his 8 day jail sentence for committing his third DWI. Rock and Roll, baby. Rock and Roll... ...moving on......6) "Interstate Love Song" - Stone Temple Pilots-see explanation above. 7) "Adrenaline" - The RootsI caught The Roots the weekend after the Dumont story in Providence. I'm not sure if they were that good or it was the amount of liquor my friend Cait and I consumed before, during, and after the show but fun none the less. How can you NOT have fun watching a band with a tuba player named of all things, Tuba Gooding Jr. 8) "Beer Song" - Reel Big FishReel Big Fish played our school last weekend and no one went. Why? It was alumni weekend and there were plenty of parties to attend and old friends to see. Way to drop the ball on scheduling Potsdam. 9) "Taking Care of Business" - Bachman-Turner Overdrive They play this song when ever the Mets win at Shea. Such an amazing song to hear all summer long.10) "Jessica" - The Allman Brothers Listen to this sucker with the windows down on a beautiful day. ...but wait......there's more.A bonus song dedicated to Mr. Alex Kaufman of Sunday River! More than likely this guy muttered the word, "Hippie" to himself while reading the blog entry even though he knows there's nothing more "granola" than telemark skis. So in honor of you, Alex Kaufman, here's your favorite song by an artist who may very well be playing The Shipyard next year during College Week. Bonus: "Gimme Some Water" - Eddie MoneyHappy downloading folks and please don't forget to come up to Montreal this Friday for the killer office party!-Rogge