I am going to go out and say it, THIS IS UNORIGINAL. There I said it, what’s the big deal you ask? It is imitation. Imitation more than anything that really gets me in a twist and I am not the one to sit back and just let it roll on by (hey, there goes next generic knock off ). With that being said I recently stumbled (randomly, not the web browser generated one) across this contest for logo design on the website 99 designs. What I gathered from reading the contest entry is this person, kenneth naylor, is looking for a logo for his new start up “energetic clothing and accessory company callled (Insert generic name here) that makes custom tees, clothing and accessories”. Followed by, “This clothing company is aimed at being unique, original, casual but sophisticated”. The best part is he then goes on to list a number of sites that he would like you to view before you design his original logo, “Some brand logos, images, names and feel that I like are at…”. In one way I am honored we are at the top of that list but it really frustrates me that you would send people to get ideas from other companies that you like and not promote your own creativity and ideas. This does nothing but fuel knock-off imitation and unoriginal concepts by media artists just trying to win $270 in a contest, you feel me? All of the companies on that list are different and I know we have all worked day and night to grow our brands to be different in our own rights. To just throw a couple bucks at someone to create your image off of something that already exists, is pure and utter, imitation, in my opinion this is the weakest foundation you could structure your new brand on. Yes we do make outerwear and Oakley obviously did it first but we branded saga to be different respectively, it is one thing to learn then create and build, we build to a niche market that we believed needed to be catered more directly too. This may be offensive to some, I am not just cutting down a go-getter for the hell of it, all I want to say is be original, use ideas of your own and don’t look to the appearance and creativity of other companies in trying to build an image that is not 100% your own.  Please comment below with your opinion.