Unfortunately we just had a flat field to test this bike out on, but I can't wait to get it out onto some steep rugged trails. That's the kinda terrain this bike is designed to rip up.

Sambo Brotherwood posing next to the bike.

There's too much technology in this thing, I won't even start to go into it. But with a braking system involving jamming your shoe into the spokes, its way ahead of anything else on the market. Sorry to tease you all with this, but this isn't going to be on the market until at least 1921. But I know a rep at the Ye Olde Cranke Works shop, so he managed to hook me up with a demo.

James G taking the bike for a spin and putting it through its paces.

I would write more, but the mountain trails are calling me. I gotta get out and ride!