What better way to start posting, than to introduce you to one of the funnest things that I do during the offseason. As a community of skiers, we all spend our offseason counting down until the first flakes of the most wonderful season of the year begin to fall. Many of us also work, in order to finance our expensive passions. I work 40-50 hours per week at a local catering business and restaurant know as Foster's Downeast Clambake. It's repetitive work, but the pay is decent. http://www.fostersclambake.com/

While a good chunk of my earnings gow toward a ski pass, and most of a new setup, I still have enough money to continue one of my other passions- R.C. racing. While some of you may know about this exicting and hands-on hobby, others may not. What I find so rewarding is that I can take a stock vehicle and build it up into something that I can take pride in. I was first introduced into RC when I entered a contest to win a 1/8 Monster Truck while at a friends house. I entered once and my friend entered 15 times while I was there. Who do you think won? A few years later, I still own that truck, an HPI Savage .21 Big Block. It currently does not run, but I have invested about $500 in it, and theres more where that came from.

Now for the reason I posted this in the first place. I recently decided that I'd like to enter the realm of the electric car-1/18 to be exact. I invested in a Team Losi Mini T. It's small enough to be used indoors, and it's size makes upgrade parts much more affordable than those for my Savage. For around $100, you get the entire setup that you'll need except for batteries. This makes it affordable for almost anyone, and they're super fun. I plan to upgrade every part on mine, and turn it into one of the meanest racers around. Alloy and carbon parts, brushless motors, upgrade electronic speed controls with USB tuning interface, the possibilities are endless.

This is my first RC Truck:

This is the truck I recently purchased:

/\ In Blue

This is the brushless motor system that will be going in as soon as i get my Lithium Polymer battery:

Team Losi Xcelorin Sensorless Combo w/8200Kv motor

For more info on the Team Losi Mini T, go to: http://www.losi.com/Products/Features.aspx?ProdId=LOSB0200

Thanks for reading! I'll post pics in a new post when I'm done upgrading.