So as many of you know (or will soon find out), I’m pretty obsessed with mountain biking. It all began when I moved down to Raleigh, NC a couple years ago for my first co-op. I’ve been getting more and more into it and now I’m borderline obsessed! It’s so much fun and such a good exercise. We all know how important it is for computer nerds to get away from their computer every once in a while! ;) 

I had been using an old bike (Trek 4300) that I got almost 7 years ago. It was a decent bike, but it’s slowly falling apart and not really able to keep up with this new level of riding. I’ve been thinking about getting a bike for a couple years now but never had the guts to do it! I finally saw that The Bicycle Chain was having a big tent sale today in order to get rid of the 2008 Demo bikes and other ‘08 bikes they weren’t able to sell. The sale was 30% off which is HUGE if you’re familiar with the cost of bikes these days. 

I had my eyes on a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR for awhile now and found an awesome one today. It was the “Expert” model which would have been out of my price range (and still probably is…) without the 30% off. It’s a full suspension bike and has most of the bells and whistles of a nice mountain bike. It was a demo bike so it has been used for the last couple of months. Sadly it’s raining out so I haven’t been able to take it on the trails and really test it out yet. Hopefully when it stops raining in a few days I’ll be able to see what it’s all about!! I’ll keep you posted. But for now, here’s some pictures!