Yo Yo Newschoolers! Weee’rrreee baaaaccckkk!  We know, you missed us.  Anyways, we here at Colorado FreeSkier are

stoked to be back on Newschoolers.com with all of you guys and gals for this

coming winter season!  Winter has already

begun down here in Crested Butte, the snow’s been flying for over a month

now.  We’ve had a few bouts of Indian Summer,

but we think that the warm weather is now finally behind us!

This is from about a week ago, CB peak with pockets up to 10” up high

So we had a killer first year here in Crested Butte, and we

have a ton of new stuff for everyone for year two.  Tons of new brands, a revamped pro and am

team, and oh yeah – FREE SKI!  It’s true,

after 7 years of layoff, Crested Butte Mountain Resort has brought back Free

Skiing to Crested Butte for the beginning of the 07/08 season.  There are ZERO strings attached – come to the

ticket office and get your lift ticket, you don’t need to stay at a CBMR

property, you don’t need to eat at a CBMR restaurant, just get your lift

ticket.  The mountain opens November 17th,

and tickets are half-price for the first week, but starting on Monday November

26th through Friday December 14th skiing is completely


Our view from the front door of our shop.  We are on the snow at the base, which means

we get to ride everyday and our staff is super knowledgeable because they ride

every product we have in stock on a regular basis

So, we just wanted to get back with you guys and let you

know that we have a great feeling about this winter, La Nina is shaping up to

blanket Colorado with above average snow accumulations, and we are geared up

and ready for the Spanish Lady!  Bring it

Spanish Lady.  Speaking of Spanish

Ladies, we have some sweet deals out there right through the website – we’ve

put ads in both the Matchstick and Level1 movie programs, they are only

available through the website, so go see those movies (if you haven’t already,

and get yourself a discount!).  We have

also on the verge of unveiling our brand new logo, so keep an eye out for that


The view of Mt.

Whetstone across the

valley – deep on Whetstone right now

If you guys have the opportunity, get in your car, drive to

Crested Butte, ski for free, and come check us out.  Everyone’s welcome – tight pants, baggy

pants, no pants (actually that’s a lie), and especially those with Unibrows –

the silent faction of the facial hair growth movement.