Our first 60 for 60 edit competition went down this past Saturday hosted by myself, Andy Mattice and Muskoka Ski Club. All contestants went out and cruised around filming for 60 minutes to put together a 60 second edit.

Big thank you to everyone who came out and put together a video, it seemed everyone enjoyed the event and we look forward to definitely hosting another similar event to this at some point. I would also like to thank Freestyle Skiing Ontario and Algonquin Outfitters for helping us out with prizes. Without further ado, here are the 7 entries we got!

Joey Kraft, Mark Draper and Kyle Mattice put together a sweet edit with lots of big jump tricks.


Bruce Oldham, Brodie Smith and Tomaz Cigler throw down in their fast paced edit.


Look out for this one, James Eydt, Alex Dube and Nick VanGelder drop heat.


Kyle Rasmus and Noah Keyzers showing us some steez.


The Crossan brothers and friends kill it!


Up next, we have our Judges' choice winner, with the most creative edit, highlight is the misty 5 to switch rodeo 7, NCR dogz!


Big shoutout for our only girls to ride in the contest Ava Audry and Elyssa Willmont, the girls killed it and they earned themselves the peoples' choice award!


A separate award I would like to announce for bragging rights goes to Bruce Oldham for Best Trick. Rodeo 900 Screaming semen at 0:12 in his edit, this trick is absolutely wild.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this mini event a success! To finish off the event, the final winner will be the Newschoolers vote! Take a watch through all of the edits and vote for your favourite!