*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Due to tides, the freestyle course has been washed away and the following event will be postponed till the sponsors pay more money.

Mtn Dew has brought free skiing to a whole new level, or species. Crabs, that is. They are hosting an event to be referred to as "C" Games. It will consist of Slopestyle, Big Air, And Half Pipe, very similar to its winter counter part, the X Games.

Competing this year:

Gus Clamworthy

Shea Fin

Jonah Shelston

Crabner Wyman (Wibbity Crabs)

Steve Crab

Nick Guppie

Torin Yater Whaleace

Jossi Whales

Sponge Bobby-Brown

Keegan Krillbride

Sandy Parry

Tom Whaleish


An overview of the 2016 course

The largest crab half pipe created, a whopping 12 inches across!

The first of the two slopestyle jumps, measuring in at 9 inches.

The high rail garden, featuring an up rail and a flat to S twig? The diggers have gotten creative here!

The second slopestyle jump, 16 inches.

The Mountain Dew Can feature. This is where we expect the progression to happen. So many ways to hit one small soda can.

Lastly in the slopestyle course, The shell rainbow C rail. Daunting to even the bravest crustaceans.

Finally the Big air Jump. Its a massive 23 inches. This is where the competition is fiercest. The crabs really have to make sure their pinches are solid and their rotations are perfect cause a fall on a jump this size is asking for a season ender. Or a seagull. Or whatever.

We are stoked for 2016 to start! Starting Aug. 20 on espn 2:00 EST