Nothing is more interesting than seeing a place you’ve never been. I am currently on the way home from a trip to the Pacific NW. I was up at Mt. Baker for the Legendary Banked Slalom, a classic snowboard slalom celebrating the true snowboard culture, its 27th year running.I flew into Seattle and took the lightrail to the train station and a train (first time I’d been on a train) to Bellingham, WA. In Bellingham, I met some cool people and was able to see the sights. Had some great food.Once I got to Mt. Baker, I rode 4 days non stop. I did alright in the slalom competition. Placed 7th in my division, 11 seconds off the winning time set by Terje Haakonsen. He is insanely fast.Weather wasn’t what I’d hoped for, but I had a blast. Mt Baker has some incredible terrain and can only imagine what it’s like after the sky opens up.More photos to come! 

Somewhere over Montana?
Train station
Finally there.
The BEST breakfast I’d had in a long time.