After a week of figuring out what, where, when and how we would do the whole bachelor thing, Mama Jay (aka TM Jay Badge), Bender (aka Bentley the DOS dude) and Myself (aka little French one) left Reno early…. At least that was the plan if Bentley had got to Jay’s place on time. Jay drove the whole way to Bend, OR while we sang songs like hot summer nights from Top Gun and some music that makes you want to cut your wrist courtesy of Jay. Bentley also spent a ridiculous amount of time filming me doing whatever I was doing and asking me to sing along the radio. Hopefully you wont see any of this footage cause seeing me eat french fries or mixing mayo with mustard really isn’t that fun. 6 to 7 hour of driving later (or trying to save Zelda in my case) we got to Bend to meet with some buddies of the crew leader (Mister Badgley himself) to have some food, get some brews and get wild to make sure we started the whole thing correctly. That night we saw some EPIC beer pong action and after the domination from Jim and Jay I finally won some games with Will in order to make it clear that pirates aren’t the kind of people to mess around with. I think we went to the bar or something afterward but one thing is sure I was glad we didn’t have to hit anything big on the next day.

Friends The first day on the hill we got to ride with some local friends of ours and eventually began training most every feature at Bachelor while Travis Durtschi and I would claim the living shit out of anything we’d do. We also found a HUMONGOUS step over jump on the ride to the park which Travis CLAIMED that he 360ed over but when he actually tried it in front of me he bailed miserably from his attempt at spinning more then a 180 over the six inch high, three foot long step up with no lip. LAME!!!! Good thing he’s actually really good at skiing when it doesn’t require not getting any air at all. When the mountain closed we went to see the cool feature we’d hit on the next few days and gave explanations about what we’d want for the shoot etc. We then went back to our HQ to get some food and rest while Jason decided to be a Halo 3 addict and I tried to save Zelda again.
If you look really close you can see Ced near the knuckle On our second day in Bend everyone showed up ready to go and we immediately began hitting the 65 footer Bachelor had built. Even though I didn’t like the jump much I got a couple tricks done for the camera dudes and everyone else seemed to like the jump.
Cedric TF throwing down from the start
This trip marked Sean H's first time on snow in 2 months
Travis D
Andy McDowell
Cedric "The Merciful" Tremblay-Fournier
Sean H Cork 3
Even Lucas dropped by to do some shooting
Dan B
Ceddy KC decided it was a good idea to catch his tail going off the lip trying a shifty 180 and got knocked himself out going way to big on his first non straight-air attempt. He later sat for a while and started throwing snowballs at me…. maybe it was me throwing snowballs at him, who knows.
After his crash KC got a chance to relax with Kora, Lucky!Then IT started, and by IT I mean the crazy wind that would blow for a couple seconds, stop, then start again randomly. Since everyone has balls bigger then me, they pretty much all decided to hit the channel jump while I walked around trying to find something to do.
SeanEverybody killed it on the 2nd feature and I finally found something fun to get shots on: hit the side of landing from the first jump without shaping it whatsoever and throw some kind of rodeoish deal. After a few attempts at just not dying hitting my newly found obstacle, I decided to go for it and set a rodeo like I would normally do on a regular jump. After spinning a 720 straight up pencil style I figured out that to get off axis from a jump were my left foot was nearly 1 foot lower then the right one was a little bit different. By the time I had my shot on camera Sean Hartel decided to join the fun and started doing some way weird backflips.
Some of the crew wanted a second go at the first feature and had Hames the park director make some changes to the take off, giving it more pop.
When everything was done the crew went down and I stayed some more with Cameron and photo dude Andrew to try get some more stuff done on the remains of a feature from a previous shoot.
Tarjei conquered his fear of heights while on the trip
Click on me to watch Ced spreading butter Photo Cred: Andrew Golden
When snowballs attack Next day was supposed to be our second day of shooting on the big jumps but the park director got sick and it was really windy again so we decided against sessioning that part of the mountain and we went to go get some more claiming action done in the public park with all the Moment guys and DOS crew.
Getting back to their roots
Mr. Travis Durtschi
Ced getting ready to....(finish this caption)
Lots of fun and lots of sick tricks includinga crazy amount of screaming seamens and other old school maneuvers were executed. Not to be outdone, Timmy D showed us how a big bottle of sunny d could be used in order to do some crazy tricks on small jumps. We then went home trying to figure out our next step, stay for another day of shooting or head back to Reno. Half of the crew left while Jay, Bentley and myself decided to stay with the local crew to get some more shots on the next morning. Our posse headed straight to the regular park and tried to get some rail action going while Jay and Bentley would capture the moment for you guys and for the DOS upcoming release, “Overlooked”. Jay again drove non-stop while I was attempted once again to save Zelda while seating in the front cause it was against Jay’s rules. Now that’s the end of my bachelor shoot story so say cool story Hansel if you want because it doesn’t matter; I got to shred with friends out there and had a blast doing it.
See you in whistler from June 26 to July 9th everyone, I’ll be the one on planks!