I ve started my blog late into the winter.  Im just writing a few notes so that I can remember my winter.  The newer post will have video and pics.

So, I started my drive from Richmond Hill, Ontario on November 18th.  My birthday being November 17th.  I packed up my moms van with all my delicates after I traded my mazda protege with her for the winter.  I made the long haul across I-90 in four days.  I drove 10 hour days for a total of 4100km, alone.  Its amazing how your mind wander while you're driving by yourself, and how fast you'll risk speeding to get there quicker.  Fueled by stoke on skiing I made it to Rossland, British Columbia.  Its a small town of 3 500 people, mostly there to shred Red Mountain and live the mountain lifestyle.  Rossland was a former mining town, and was one of two considerations to be the capital of British Columbia.  Red Mountain is the oldest resort in western Canada and was the site of the first Canadian ski jump and race.  The mountain and town have such positive vibes that I haven't experienced before.  Contrasting Rossland is Trail, BC where the smelter for all the mining is on the banks of the columbia river.  Its a 10 minute drive down a steep road going down the side of a mountain.  It is the life blood of the town and surrounding area.  People who live in Trail are mostly those who have been born there but never left, while the people of Rossland come from all around the world for the epic skiing.  Sadly, I found cheap rent in Tail, on the far west side closest to Rossland.  You can feel the atmosphere change when you travel from one town to the next.  Never the less I am stoked to be away from the icey slopes of Ontario and into some deep shit.  I hiked the mountain 4 times before it opened with my room mate Gabe from Victoria.  I can get use to this.