Party In Ottawa.  Plain And Simple.With less than a month left until the snowguns come out in full force and the gondolas and t-bars begin to run, the Carleton University Ski and Snowboard club has been working hard to bring winter enthusiasts exactly what they need to keep them going for the next 30-ish days: movie premieres, free stuff, and live hip-hop and indie to make for a wicked party at the local campus bar.So if you are like myself and enjoy all of the above, circle October 21st, 2005 on your calendar, and begin making arrangements to get your arse inside Oliver’s Pub for 7 pm. Why so vulgar, you ask? Well where else around town will Shanghai Six, Whiteshine, as well as Frosted Flakes, and One Love, be premiered? Uh, nowhere.In addition, acts such as the one and only DL Incognito, and NS member Jonas Bonnetta will complement these utterly ridiculous films, and many, many rather infamous characters in the regional ski and snowboard scenes will be partaking in the tomfoolery. Rumors have even been circulating that a certain online radio station may be present to document the sheer silliness that is the CU Ski and Snowboard kickoff party for everyone to hear! So what are you waiting for? If it’s directions on how to purchase your ticket, well, you’re in luck. They are presently on sale at Top of the World boardshop, as well as all over campus at Carleton, for the mere price of $10 CDN. Which is more than enough incentive for you Americans to make the trip, I’m sure of that. But what’s this, you say? You are not of legal drinking age in Ontario, and don’t usually get into pubs with that awful fake of yours? Relax. I’m 18 as well, and it’s totally cool because this event is all ages for the young’uns, and 19 + for the alcoholics! That’s right, finally a premiere has got it right and will cater to both sides of the spectrum! So a final rundown of the specs of this event goes as follows:Name: First annual CU Ski and Snowboard kickoff party.Date: Friday, Oct. 21st 2005, doors at 7 pm.Location: Olivers Pub, 1st floor University Centre, Carleton University, Ottawa.Cost: $10 in advance, more at the door.Movies: Shanghai Six, One Love, Whiteshine, Frosted Flakes.Music: DL Incognito, Jonas Bonnetta, Black Samvara, Atherton & Sire, and more.Prizes: Bring mass amounts of non-perishable food in order to qualify to win a pair of Liberty Skis! And lots more prizes will be tossed out.Other info: All ages/19 +. Ticket holders who are not Carleton University students must be signed in by a CU student. Email, or send a message to Dfresh, lanks, or Lucyford for further details.Companies who deserve props: Level 1 Productions, Plehouse Films, Sunset Films, Finger on da Trigger/Technine, Salomon, Liberty, Westbeach, Demon,, Grandoe, Smith, Nine Planets Hip Hop, Top of the World, CUSA, Planet Advance Printing.