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PBP - The Oakley Movie - 1242

Review by Matt Harvey

Movie in a nutshell:

Best ski movie ever.


You all know what this movie is: the best riders in the world according to Oakley. I won't get into the nitty gritty because if you don't know who Tanner Hall, Jon Olsson, Pep Fujas, and JP Auclair are, just hit ctrl+o and type


The music! It starts out Slayer style and gets you totally pumped right off the bat. Keeps it going with some deep hip hop and then kicks back with the 80s. The music totally gives you a relaxed, positive vibe. It's playing right now... "The way they talk about you, they'll turn your name to dirt, oh!"

The skiing is just so damn high level. Tanner keeps it progressing with his corked 3 no grab (read: zero muscle movement). Pep keeps it real with the most amazing... well, I won't ruin it.

The return of JP and JF into the spotlight. After JP's segment last year, I wasn't sure where his place in ski movies would be in the future. His segment in 1242 is just plain sick. Great fun music, great tricks, and of course his GTing legacy lives on. JF kills it with steezed out 3s both ways. In fact, I can't even figure out which way he spins cause he does everything both ways all the time. These two guys are at par with all the new talent for sure.

There are many things that make this movie what it is, but I don't want to ruin them for you... like 360 nose presses, butter to manuals... shhhh


The beginning of Kristi's segment is this dramatic scene. It's definitely interesting the first time, but I don't want to have to watch that every time. Luckily the boys at PBP are going to put in a track break there (right Johnny??) so we can skip to the part where she's half naked (I guess that should be a highlight for all you kiddies in the audience... and the married men too!)

My pre-release copy of the video had no credits. I hear they're sick, but I didn't get to see them.

JP breaks his GT and it makes me sad... I'm reaching here.

Biggest Surprise:

Tanner's segment being first. Don't ask me why, but being a Tanner fan, I always enjoyed rounding out the movie with his segment. I guess that's a pretty lame surprise though. Oh I've got it: NO SWOLLEN MEMBERS!! Thank you PBP for not putting Swollen Members in a ski movie.

Biggest letdown:

Seth's segment. The pre-release that I saw doesn't have his whole segment in it, but so far, no good. Seems as though the shotty snow year may have gotten the best of his segment.

Value for money:

If you can get it for less than $169 including tax and shipping, buy it.

Special thanks:

To Johnny and Levin for sending me this movie so soon with the expectation that I'll actually be good at reviewing movies.. jokes on them!! Maybe if I do a star rating it'll make my review more professional... 10 stars/10 stars. Hmmm that didn't do much for it at all did?

Okay here's another try:

Music: 10/10

Filming: 8/10

Rider List: 11/10

Editing: 9/10

Value: 10/10

Temperature: Hot?

Packaging: 1/10 (how come mine says "Burnable DVD Media" on it? there isn't even a cover!! this is a junk show; I want my money back.)

Real packaging: 9/10

Color of 3D PBP intro: Orange

Credits: I heard a rumor that my name might be in it.. so 11/10


My name: Matt Harvey

SIN Number: 392 295 119

Bed time (Y|N): Yes