I recently received an email from good Shred Friend Mark Syrovatka who had rave reviews coming from the Mount Hood ski race camp and Ted Ligety signing sessions a few weeks ago.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you are. Over here in Mt.Hood we are dealing with all kinds of weather conditions, but we are enjoying some great summer snow. I am coaching for Mt.Hood Summer Ski Camps during the week, and enjoying the river, kiteboarding on the weekend. On Monday the 27th, we had two very successful signings with Ted, at both Fuxi’s, and the Mount Hood Alpine Racing Center (Owned by Bob Olsen). All kinds of teams showed up, from Franconia New-Hampshire to the Manitoba Provincial Team. The Mount Hood Alpine Racing Center signing was mainly spearheaded by Ben Drummond of HEAD USA, and Shred was of course rocking.

Fuxi held a raffle/quiz during the signing to make sure that the most avid ski racing fans got rewarded with some Sweet Shred Shwag. Fans ranged, from little rippers (4-10yoa) to masters racers to coaches. They were especially excited about a sweet pair of Green Saoza’s that were the grand prize. Some fans were starstruck, and some were the complete opposite. Actually during the signing at Olsen’s, two guys asked Ted to take a picture of them! It was pretty hilarious, Ted took it in stride and then they asked for a picture with him. Here are some pics from the event!

It would seem to me that if you’re a racer looking for a weekend of mentorship and inspiration, hitting Mount Hood and hanging with Ted Ligety is what you want to be doing. Just being in the mere presence may rub off and elevate your game! ANd of course, the Mount Hood Alpine Racing Center is a great place to get your summer snow time on.

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