Everyone experiences hives at one point of time in his/her life. The harshness and the incidence of having rashes vary from person to person. More significantly, the reason why you experience it differs widely. Most people, in reality, are unaware of the real cause of their skin hives, rashes or facial eczema.

Weak immunity of the body is one of the most common causes of hives rash. Strengthening body?s immunity by eating nutritiously and adding plenty of vegetables and fruits to your diet is the most practical way to avoid skin or hives rash. Still, there would be some generic reason for some rash on the skin. Beginning from early childhood, some people experience frequent episodes of skin rash that can be diagnosed as eczema, skin asthma or dermatitis.Adults are diagnosed allergies after developing rash on their skin. Most cases of rash are not dangerous and are not caused by any serious disease and can be easily avoided and cured. Most often your skin rash disappears after you use a topical anti-itch ointment or a hypoallergenic lotion. You could also prevent skin rash before happening and for this you need to find out the causes that trigger skin rash.
The following are some most hives causes:? Pollen, animal saliva, insect bites? Dirt, dust, bacteria or viruses? Chemical substances such as alcoholic drinks, certain drugs like Penicillin? Harsh chemicals in skin products or unnatural chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pools? Stress and sun exposureIt?s best that you take care of your overall health in order to avoid hives rash.