I recently had the opportunity to visit the UK back in April for a feature in Powder Magazine.  We were shooting skiing of all things in the UK!  It was quite the epic journey, but that’s not what this is about.  While we were in Edinburgh shooting at the Midlothian Ski Centre dryslope hill (Hillend) I managed to drop a Pocket Wizard Multimax somewhere along the way while we were shooting.  I didn’t even know I had lost it until I got a completely random email from Sarah Felton from the ski hill!  She had found my Pocket Wizard and fortunately I have my name and contact info on all of them.  Anyhoo, she went out of the way to track me down, and mail the Pocket Wizard out to me all the way from Scotland.  Pretty awesome.  I really had an awesome experience during our trip to the UK but the few days we spent in Scotland were among some of the friendliest people I’ve ever been around.  This is just more proof.  I hope I get to go back.  Thanks very much Sarah and the rest of the Scots that treated us so well.