All images by Craig McDean, and courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue and Interview Magazine

Fashionistas (and fashion photographers) love to play with gender boundaries. Too often IMHO that turns campy, like poorly-executed drag, or tasteless-pushing-offensive. These don’t.

Here’s a Monday morning kick for you – Craig McDean?s images of actress Chloe Sevigny, in character as a pre-op transgender assassin in an upcoming British show). And this, my friends, definitely avoids that glitzy, Hedgwig-impersonating trap. They take a high-fashion approach, where gender is more like an accessory. Fashion photogs out there, take note.

The provocative shots, featured in February?s issue of Interview magazine, are simply gorgeously composed. This is bold fashion done well. Bold outfits, styled by Karl Templer – courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.