Whats cracking Newschoolers! Time for a little update from Las Lenas, Argentina.

Well, it's been quite hectic down here for the last little while. It has been snowing for the last 4-5 days and the town is on lockdown... can't get in and can't get out, not that we care so much, the snow is very welcome.

We have been taking it easy before the storm 'cause the winds were gnarly. Like think of gnarly and it's gnarlier. The communication system was out for a while too, no internet, no phone, no bank machine and the power has been coming and going. Luckily we heat up with gas and the oven works with gas as well.

Balls deep in the village

Evan slashing the lonely trees in the resort

Today was epic, the sun came out at 2pm and the peak was open. I have never skied snow that deep and that dry, freaking amazing! Unfortunatly our friend Evan Wilcox popped his shoulder out on a 180 off a wind drift, we wish him luck and that he comes back skiing very quickly. Now that mother nature is cooperating we can start working. We have a great week ahead of us. Tomorrow is cornice dropping day and 10 minutes step down day! Yeahyere!

By the way, Las Lenas is amazing and the terrain is very challenging. Face shots are very common. If you're tired of the heat, bring you're asses down here for a great time.

Anyways, you will here from us very soon!


JA Maheu

Sheldon bonking a cornice
JA going for a hike
JA ripping
Stylish rescue dog