By this time, I had already been to Costa Rica twice. But as Scott and

I were trying to plan a new place to explore, I felt that it was my

duty to spread the love of this small Central American country to

another person.


of all the places to go, I figured a quiet week on the beach was just

what we needed. So we flew out of San Jose to the Nicoya Peninsula.


stayed at in a small cottage, 2 miles down a pot-holed ridden, rain

washed road just above Montezuma. It was owned by a local tico and his

New Jersey wife. The sounds of their two laughing daughters could be

heard amongst the roaring of the local Howler monkeys who shared the

trees near by. Also in those trees where little Spider monkeys who

would often come on our deck to beg for bananas and other fruit.


the walk to down was a long trek, the walk to the river was quick, as a

trail right outside out cottage led straight down.


and I often would walk down to the river and then follow it down a ways

until it cascaded into a multi-tiered waterfall. The waterfalls are

often a meeting place for tourists staying in town for more than two

days and cliff jumping is a wonderful way to bond.


is something about diving 50 feet off a cliff into a brown pool with

unknown depths that will take the breath out of you (and that's without

belly splatting). I think it is the complete lack of control. So often,

as with the case with zip lining, you are safely strapped in and the

environment is controlled. With cliff jumping, it's keep to your form

and in you go.

But yes, we did zip line. I zip lined in Costa

Rica 9 years ago and as it was Scott's first time, it just seems like

something everyone should do. Flying high above the jungle canopy is an

oddly calming experience. It's quiet and for just a moment you feel

just the wholeness of the nature around you.


and I spent several days on the beach and between walking and body

surfing our hunger had to be satisfied somewhere and with the many

splendid local restaurants in town this was not hard. We just had to

remember that we still had a 3 mile walk back to the cottage.


of our days was spent taking a boat tour to la Isla de Tortuga where we

swam, picnicked, and snorkeled. As it was monsoon season, the waters

were a bit murky, but the aquatic life was still amazing. I love

snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Like soaring through the air, being

submerged underwater brings a sense of calm and peace to me. However,

since it was Scott's first time in the open ocean and first time

snorkeling, he got a bit sea sick and was glad for lunch on the beach...

...where local boars also take a reprise from the heat.

evenings were spent listening to the rain fall on the tin roof of the

cottage and watching the lightening strike far off in the ocean.

Pura Vida.