With some sick later in the year storms coming in, I headed to Montana

and met up with the Rage dudes to build some jumps and ski pow

Saw some killer bison on the way down

Here's our first jump in Cooke City. This is Kyler sending it.

The Weather got a bit warm in Montana so we packed up and decided to head to Utah, It was deep enough there for filmer Aj DSP to get extra wicked on his sled.

I don't claim to ball as hard as jon but we keep it pretty legit. The Tacoma was my second choice after I ruled out a lambo. And this motel 8 was recently remodeled back in 92 so it was nice too.

Once it cleared in Utah, we took our snorkels off and built this "Perfect Jump"

Heres another angle

Here i am hitting her

Heres Kyle

This was our next jump

Dylan Natale and I getting some lifestyle/pre drop decision footage

And heres AJ blasting a jump as usual

Overall, it was a really good trip, We got lots of shots, be sure to check it all out in the next Rage Films movie dropping next fall, it should stoke all you guys and gals out, its looking really good so far