I started off in Seattle at 5 int eh afternoon with a certain Cobra Commander, car loaded with gear and his doom room leftovers. We made it in time to the great flats of Eastern WA to catch a beautiful sunset, which the apt photographer captured by holding the camera out of the window.

And yes, cardboard. $16.95 for a rocket box and rack system (or lack of) is a fucking great deal, so dont start.

We repped ON3P HARD the entire trip. Or from our perspective, 5IH5 93NO.


Seriously though, driving is serious.

Serious party.

We arrived in Kalispell at an ungodly hour and woke David up. He put us to bed. We left to go to his cabin the next day. We 4 wheeled to a road terminus and hiked past a gate with skis on to a patch of snow, bugging bears and mosquitoes.

The crew sets up shop.


We skied, then built a jump to tree tap. I was apprehensive about the compression factor of the kicker.

David wasnt.

We sessioned, then called it quits. We skied as far as we could on snow, then hiked on a road that had decided to become a stream a few months ago. David, act serious.

David, really.

I give up.

A camo hat and pantaloons are essential for any ski boot stream walking.

Wilderness finally meets J Lindeberg, Full tilts and Joystick. Proceedes to dirty them all.

We took a day off. I tried to backflip off a rope swing. We attempted a 3000 piece puzzle. We're ;ame when we dont ski. So we skied the next day.

Burnt trail, snow and peaks. And David.

Sans David.

Quite fantastic.

Come in Cobra Command.

This tree needed some afterbang.

There is a sheer drop behind him. Hes in ski boots.


Right after this photo I took one of the most epic shits of my entire life.

Its me. I was on the trip too.

David lines up a shot.

We line up skis.



"Behind the lens"

"The lens"

This ones for Ashley.


My camera stopped working until we hiked out. I learned to ski on scrub alder, which might be a untapped selling point for wide skis. I got it working when I was examining a mushroom on the hike out. David was befuddled. Billy was done.

And thats how I learned the meaning of Christmas.