Photos: Etienne BonneauTwo Jib Academies in one weekend? C'est incroyable! A large turnout filled the park at Mont-Sainte-Anne resort on March 3 for the Quebec debut of the Salomon Jib Academy. Charles Gagnier, Kaya Turski and a handful of other Salomon pros were on hand to ride with the locals and choose the day's winner, Christophe Lacombe, who will join other Jib Academy winners at the final Academy May 7-12 in Mammoth!The next Jib Academy stops will be on March 17 at Northstar, CA, and April 1 at Breckenridge, CO. Make sure not to miss them!

A bit of snow can't keep the jibbers down.
Line up for lunch!
Grab that ski before it falls off.
The wallride gets double-teamed.
Rasta rail action.
Forget the grab... the new steeze is the crossed-up ninja jab.
Mute grabbage.
Mega-mute grabbage.
Prof. Gagnier leads the academy in their exercises.
A few honored guests.
Later on, the weather clears up a bit...
And more mutes are grabbed.
Hey, it's another!
This conversation is probably revolving around mute grabs.
Jibbers ready to drop in.
You guessed it... mute grab.
This is getting ridiculous!
You must be relieved as I am to see this tail grab. In fact, I'm mute with joy.
One fun part of the Jib Academy: winning free Salomon stuff!
Darkness drops
Salomon Canada: It's hard to flash gang signs in mittens.
Kaya Turski, back on snow!
Who's the lucky winner going to be?
Gagnier fills out the check.
Congratulations Christophe!