First off, sorry about my lack of updates. I thought photos of me doing squats and leg press were getting pretty old. So just to bore you a bit more…

I’ve been more or less living at Gastown Physio & Pilates There is no doubt in my mind that I was able to be back on snow SO soon thanks to all the hard work from these guys.

I’m still not %100. Thats for sure. There is still some imbalance in my hips and quads, probably my brain a bit as well. For the next 2 months my goal is to get tree trunk quads. Protein shakes and squat racks, haha. But seriously. In my time I do heavy weights, when I am with the Gastown P&P guys we focus more on the balance and core strength.

After an extremely successful week with team physio I flew down to Mammoth California for the Monster Energy team shoot. There I met up with Jossi Wells, Peter Olenick, Spencer Milbocker, Colby James West, Henrik Harlaut, Tom Wallisch, Devin Logan, Noah Wallace & Ian Cosco. Mammoth is insane. I arrive and its beautiful, 20′c, SO damn slushy and perfect. 80 foot step down and high speed gap to mailbox to HUGE steep landing.

Jossi tee’d it up hard all day on these features. He was the first one to test it and the last one to send it. Everything from zero spins to switch dub 10′s.

The Gap to mailbox was gnarly. They dropped in from the same spot as they did to hit the jump! Jossi once again sent it the gnarliest and stomped a sw 270 cork 630 off. Heavy shit.

Being at the Monster energy shoot for the last 4 years is awesome. Its always in the spring when all the comps have wrapped up. We always end up getting amazing weather. Really, all in all its just a great excuse to get everyone together, stress free, ski, party and reminisce the season.

All in all rad trip. I got 5 runs in! Mellow turns, top to bottom. But damn! Felt SO good. Even just waking up in the morning and putting on my outerwear, goggles and boots and walking out the door all geared up. I miss those small things. Felt great to be back there mentally. Physically though i’m not ready to start “real skiing”. 2 more months of hard work and i’m going to be back at it. Next update will be after Whistler Festival.


- TJ