Do you love short shorts?

Do you want to see the first ever Momentum Video Blog?


you Answered yes to one or more of those questions, then you'll

probably like this update. Here at Momentum, the over-worked,

under-paid, ruggedly handsome and humble video guys have taken it upon

themselves to create a Video Blog of destructive proportions. We'll be

making episodes as frequently as possible, and because we wanted to

start things off on a good note we're posting an episode that is a week

and a half out of date! We know, pretty awesome right?


as long as there are no freak zombie attacks (knock on wood) the next

episode will be a little more current. But for now, sit back and enjoy

the first ever Momentum Video Blog! We hope you're all stoked to come

out here, this year or next, and if you're not maybe this will help.