Well round 2 is finally over! I hope you didn’t find the quizzes too difficult! Some of the answers were tough to find, but hopefully you learned a few facts about freeski history.  For those of you who are still wonder what some of the answers are, here you go:


Question 1: What was the song that Trennon Paynter and JF Cusson used for their segment in 13? A: Malleus Malifecarum – AFI

Question 2: Which ski company made the first twin tip ski? A: Olin

Question 3: Who has the most magazine cover shots out of any professional skier? A: Dan Treadway

Question 4: What is a JLB? A: Cross-Cossack-Cross named after Jean-Luc Brassard

Question 5: Who was the first skier to become sponsored by Nike 6.0? A: Tucker Perkins

Question 6: Who went undefeated at the Jon Olsson Invitational Old School Competition? A: Josh Bibby

Question 7: Which ski magazine gave TJ his first cover shot and whom did they originally think the shot was of? A: SBC Skier, they thought it was the famed Doug Bishop.

Question 9: How many of the Momentum Alumni competed in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, and how many won medals? A: 6 with 4 on the podium

Question 10: Which skier from Vernon won the junior category of the World Extreme Skiing Championships? A: Riley Leboe

Question 11: What was Philou Poirier wearing at the 1999 US Freeskiing Open that was odd? A: Rental Gear and his boots were on walk mode.

Question 13: What was the first ski movie that TJ was featured in? X=Ten or Redtape

Question 14: On April 1st there will be a message sent to all Momentum Facebook Fans, what is the message? A: TMINSNM (This message is no secret no more) DONTSPELLTHISWRONG


As you know, only the top 15 from round 2 will move on to the final round for a chance to win the free session at Momentum with TJ.  Here are the 15 finalists:

Megan Clinton, Walpole, Washington

Karen Byskov, Stavanger, Norway

Matthew Anderson, Toronto, Ontario

Chase Martin, Denver, Colorado

Conner Koenen, Calgary, Alberta

Alexander Fergusson, London

Maddy Pigott, Oakville, Ontario

Curtis Hiller, Edmonton, Alberta

Alex Price, Mohnton, Pennsylvania

Martin Fahy, North River

Taylor Flint, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bryant Wilkinson, Bend, Oregon

Angela Jones, Midway, Utah

Marcus Smith, Provo, Utah

Liam Fournier, Canmore, Alberta

Congratulations on moving on to round 3!!